Why steem cheap price is a blessing for all investors

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Forget about fuders and haters (see my posts about Bill Gates fud against crypto´s here and Facebook fud here) and think strategically. Moreover, most established investor’s in the crypto space have made thousands/ millions of fiat money in gains by being smart. Therefore new and low budget (including established investors ) investors should see the current cheap price of steem- including other cryptos as a blessing in disguise and thus enter the market. Moreover, this current cheap price will change by next week or even anytime, therefore this is an opportunity to make some smart money by buying cheap and selling high or entering a top markets like steem.


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Investing: no matter your economic situation, steemit platform will give you the opportunity to start from scratch and grow. You only need internet, computer, patience and willingness to work smart (see my older posts for more tips on how to be successful here) and grow your steem power. Moreover, always target periods of decline of price in order to get good deals.

** Bright future** : The future of steem ,eos , eth , bitcoin and other top cryptos is bright due to the innovative technologies that is ever evolving. Moreover, as new people learn about the industry (on daily basis ) , millions of dollars will always be invested in established and new coins/tokens.

Opportunity: steem current cheap price is an opportunity for new and established members to buy some coin and power up before the implementation of SMT and hardfork 20 –see my former post for details here.
Moreover, to make it in the crypto space, always buy when people are selling cheap (red) and sell when people are buying high ( take some profits and keep the rest for future gains) . Furthermore, see it as another opportunity to buy and power up steem in order to get more steem power which is the crème de la crème of steem ecosystem because it gives you a stake/ power (curation, author, interest , delegation )in the future of social media.

Do you agree? Send in your comments, resteem in order for your contacts to join the discussion and upvote in order to send in your support.

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I agree, I just think that this is the time to collect cheap coins. Just posted a technical analysis on STEEM and hope you guys will find value from it:

STEEM - Analysis - The Future For STEEM Price ($31) https://steemit.com/steem/@benkalashnikov/steem-analysis-the-future-for-steem-price-usd31

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 17.33.31.png

No way it hits $31...that would put it in the number 4 spot out of all crypto coins with 9.7 billion dollars in market cap. Maybe in 2 or 3 years i could see that.

True, but let's hope the whole crypto market grows then for it to be possible.

hi. agree with you.
I think it may only hit >30$ if market would recover and tripple in value.

Good analysis, however I wonder why you will send a full link to someone post and upvote high, did you upvote the post? just asking because if you didnt, then you might get downvoted from people due to bad behavior.

Thanks, and yeah I've upvoted the original post

I agree...there are a lot of missed opportunities for normal folks like us and cryptos present opportunities to make it and now is the time especially if you have the money...buy steem and power up ..the key to future success. Upped, 100% . Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your comments...I agree, we should take advantage of the opportunity

Hold for a long term and it will make you earn a good return!

It seems like we are hardwired to moan when prices are green and rising - lamenting the "missed opportunities" and wishing we'd got in when STEEM was "less than $3". And then when prices actually turn red so there's a "discount sale" in effect, we moan and stand to the side and wait for the good times to return!

Human nature..Lol. Thanks for your comment

Hence the saying, "do the opposite of what everyone else is doing"

Thank you for this post. I have been following the fluctuation in the STEEM rate since December.

And what is your observation ?

In December, there were incredible heights. And now - an incredible fall. To be precise, it is a return to the original state, which was before December.

I agree with you on this

what do you like about the post?

Buying cheap is an important step, as a way of life.
However, the important step when investing is the moment of selling.
When dealing with investments, there are two more factors to consider; they are yield and risks.
The clear difference between Steem and other Cryptocurrencies in the yield or in other words, the possibility to be part of Steemit and earn here something similar to interest. It demands some work but the return on it is huge.
And so, the selling price becomes less important as you've earned here enough "interest".
Concerning risks, I don't have to evaluate it as the model is earning yield, and looking at the growing pace of Steemit as like having an insurance policy.
My conclusion is:

  1. Buy Steem.
  2. Transform it into SteemPower.
  3. Provide valuable content for the community.
  4. Be happy.

Very good anylysis, thanks for your comment

I think STEEM, SP, and SBD are all good investments. As more and more censorship on other platforms increases and continues, people who post content on a regular basis are coming to STEEMIT. The value is pretty much stable, and will only increase as that censorship persists.

Good point, I agree

I agree! I have heard so many people wish they didn't miss their opportunity to invest in bitcoin and other altcoins when everything was at it's high in December but now is a perfect time for those that are looking to invest in the space to get in at a major discount! This tech is revolutionizing the world and how we interact with each other! Platforms like Steemit will continue to grow and those people that felt like they "missed out" now have a great opportunity to get involved!

It is also a great time for those of us that have been in the crypto space to further increase our positions on projects and platforms that are at a 50% discount or more! I am soooo excited to see what 2018 has planned for the crypto space!! :)

Good poit Annemarie, smart lady indeed

Totally Agreed with you we must save Steem coins for future.. nowadays price is low but in future steem price will grow up because the entire project have very much potential

Great post! Resteemed it and Followed you. Thank you for sharing

Welcome and see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

I agree my friends, but I want to ask how to delegate sbd to steem, and what impact will I get from delegating sbd me to steem, because sbd I just a little, what can I delegate, thanks. of the information you share with us. very influential to me in particular.

You mean to power up your steem? or to delegate steem power?

i want to delegate my steem strength. but i dont know how friend @charles1
Thank you friend. already responded to my question

Go to minnowbooster and check their website

Yes I agree that now is a good time to buy some cheap crypto but then again so was 3 weeks ago.

currently it is like a step forward and several backwards.

At the minute I personally think it is best to buy and then sell to accumulate over the coming weeks.

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We don't have to be afraid for STEEM because it's a stable platform with a great background, unique concept and a lot of interesting stuff.

Point, thanks for your comment

I definitely agree, up to the point of being ghoulish. :) Steemit is still growing, the Website's becoming more popular, the engagement stats are usually growing or stalled: virtually everything says that Steemit has achieved critical mass. Instead of fighting through the network effect, Steemit's benefiting from it.

i agree with you ... this is the best way to grow fast in crypto space
for us who just join steemit few months ago can get involved and power up for more income...
but i wish i have the steps to buy up steem.. still new here and in crypto space... but i believe with time i wlil rhyme ...
thanks for such a wonderful informative post... i will let all my friends know about this ....
RESTEEMED AND UPVOTED .... Thanks for everything !!

Welcome and see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

I think this period were there is a downturn in the price of steem is really a good opportunity for crypto investors as this is the perfect time to buy small and sell big being that the future of cryptocurrencies is already glowing.

Point! I agree

Steem has to figure out a way not to be grouped with Bitcoin for good or bad.

Yes, finally markets go in cycles... prolly we are entering a recession in the whole crypto space and thats good oportunnity for investors.

Would you trade or power up Steem? I was trhinking to asign a few capital for trading... could lead to better income than just self-voting and stuff, hehe.

Nice to find you!

If you have enough steem power then delegation is a good deal

Couple of spelling mistakes: WHYT-> Why,
Birgth -> Bright.

The best thing to do right now is to buy and just keep it away for some years. And then reap the benefits!

Thanks a lot, wrote it with close eyes...good point indeed, I agree.

Wasn't aware of an upcoming fork, nice one for that.

Steem is below $3 now, but there's so many other coins I want. I have read article on buying Steem Power to boost your voting, I will need to do some more research into the feasability of this.

Good point, I wish you more success

You really are an encouragement to we the newbies. It is Posts like yours that keeps me going in here considering the level of disappointment one face in this community. What catches my attention also is the fact that you mentioned PATIENCE! I liked that a lot.
I want to mention that i have been able to make about 25 SP and a few extra SBDs without having to invest a dime, true if one is patient enough, one can really break out of the rat race.. I would have love to invest but one is presently suffering from pecuniary strangulation, but I hope and pray that the times will change for me to be able to heed to your advice step by step. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

Welcome and see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

Personally I strongly agree. This is a great opportunity and opportunity to be exploited, what more like me that can be said beginner in steemit, by exerting all the abilities that exist I will buy steam and power up, Because this is the key to success for me in the future. Thank you brother @ charles1 has been willing to share his knowledge and experience. Success is always for you.

Best Regards @ airil280708

Welcome , and good that you see the light....also see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

its my first time reading you and your post...the title of the post made me want to read the whole article...i really cannot say whether the future will be brilliant for people investing in crypto - i think much money have been made already from the sharks - but for sure what you say makes sense and for sure i would say crypto is here to stay!!...upvoted and follow you,hope i see more interesting articles from you..

Welcome and see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

Steem is an opportunity of a lifetime and the way it's setup allows for people to grow with the platforms growth. Progress made in one front by other people comes around and benefits everyone in the ecosystem. As in higher STEEM price and therefore higher earnings for everyone.

Take dTube for example. It's also gaining a lot of traction and that will get more investors involved and more users means more value for the attention economy it creates. You're right Steem is an awesome investment opportunity right now.

Welcome and see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

I am new to Steemit, and still learning the platform.. I wanted to learn before I invested in Steem.. I've been so preoccupied with watching YouTube videos and poking around on Steemit.. I have not been paying much attention to the market or the price of Steem..... Until, I read your blog.. Thank you for sharing this. Because it just looked at CoinMarket and I see RED. and below $3.00. So, I will be buying some today. Followed Upvoted.. and Resteemed Thank You!!

Welcome and see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

Thanks, I'll for sure check them out.. I will need all the help I can get..lol

Welcome and feel free to send in your questions via my new posts

Agreed. Cheap is a relative term in crypto, but I've been a steem buyer lately.


When I signed up Steem was under $1 US. I saw the value, but didn't buy or spend the time to earn as much as I should have. I missed the run and have been buying the recent dip. If you look at the value the Steemit platform provides compared to other crypto projects the current market cap seems WAY too low. I expect the market will soon realize the same.

Good point indeed...Steem is the only one that provides a platform where many people can make money on daily basis...the future , therefore , is very bright. This current price will be a joke from next year.

Learned about Steemit recently, there's a lot of value here for sure.
Wrote an article "Invest in Steem" just before the market's downward turn, it's now or never guys.

Good article, thank you @charles1.

buy some coin and power up before the implementation of SMT and hardfork 20 –see my former post for details here.

I will need to dig further on this topic.

Welcome and see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

Nice and encouraging post Charles just that I am a newbie and finds it difficult to understand all about steem power and all that. Hope you will put me through so dat I will be able to excel.

Welcome, feel free to see my older posts for more tips, success to you

I don't regret buying steem when it was a dollar and in a few months the price today in March will seem like a sweet deal. I'm going to buy some today I think. I have never regretted investing in steem

Good point indeed, more success to you.

Yes, the 2.8$ price is possibly will never ever be seen again.

Crypto Market is going down, this is the best time to buy some coin as the price is low. BitcoinZ - a community driven coin, is one of them, buy and hodl then watch it boom soon. A lower price gets you more. A higher price increases your net worth. Bitcoin is a win win win😂

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@charls1 This is a very valuable information. It serves as a lesson for growth and advancement in Steemit community to many of us. Many thanks.

Welcome and see my older posts for more tips...I wish you success

Yesss, love to buy cheap coins!

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Nice post sir

Thanks for that input, still learning about crypto, how does one go about buying steem.

You can use blocktrades which will send directly to your wallet or buy from an exchange and then send and power up

Did you forget to link to your article where it says

(see my older posts for more tips on how to be successful here)

No, Lol..I want people to do the search themselves

sureLy the future is brighT

I have no clue what I am doing with Steem buying. Help?

Actually there are a few things that should not speculated in. Primarily the things that are crucial to the human condition. Food, clothing, shelter, power and currency. Until we truly move into a cashless society. Currency is a fundamental need. Speculation on currency is a carry over from the debt based system. It undermines the value of a currency by creating artificial up's and downloads in the value. For a currency to be used safely it needs to be consistent in value. So a jar of honey, a dozen eggs have the same value. No matter what currency type. The more it changes the less value as a medium of exchange. Especially if it, like bitcoin, forced to change value for the sole purpose of consolidating we with no actual value input. This process is theft. As it takes from those that what a medium of exchange to share what we have created with others.

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i agree with you.

What do you agree?

Steem has a good future but it will take time.The competition is important and alert also.

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