YBS 55 coincided

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Long enough to learn. What should people read them carefully.. M. requests are not putting forward. "Here is redundant" .............................................

image (Journal of solar Ne Win) Ins Actually, since the history of the NLD party is not involved. Suu Kyi and the NLD has not exactly leap to a migrant. Ins ကာချုပ်ကို humble insult is that most people think of the seagulls commit when he is not a ghost story. (3) was founded at YBS system failures of the organization, (b) System Failure When people begin to sin YBS 55 coincided with two parallel drive 37 aircraft collided Students and killed more than 20 people. {In this case the driver's primary responsibility is to the plot, but the life of the traveling public to choose the next driver ... According to the defined by the International Protocol / Procedure (Procedure) Driving Record Check (Check the driving history) Drugs & Alcohol Test (no alcohol and drug use / inspection) Criminal & Misdemeanor Background Check (Crime / inspection), the first test to be cleared by all owners. This is at least 2 weeks (1) often takes months. All this is now set to have the clearance Clearance Safety of Public Transportation Travel Public Safety Driving Course Driving classes (1) week to learn from the veteran driver with one (1) from a week veteran surveillance of the drive (2) (4) weeks of the week Total weeks (4) (6) weeks of the week so SSD cultivate a system of training. } Many other countries to become a normal driving (2) (3) months attention has to accept, do not know the existence of the Protocol - YBS could successfully build a large system (3) days, who is not shy about ကြွေးကျော်. So YBS system error elaborate 4 unwise to put forward the name Saw accept direct responsibility by law. According to the international standard to say it was the main official must resign immediately, leading to the offices charged. This is a loss of power in the position to know the ins and is afraid to return to jail, blood, blood started to look and try to divert attention from the public. So it is insulting ကာချုပ်ကို official event was created to make ink. People who did not expect the car went a little less attention. May have forgotten, but it is set up the military community's rules as well. The soldiers are usually maintains accurate RULES OF ENGAGEMENT He is just the other face of the matter is still very close to a touch insulting long as there are rules in their territory and to ensure that they have the ability to endure as long as the soldiers are already trained. But usually, to the other side of the line is more than the tip of a spot when it's gone eligible RULES OF ENGAGEMENT because soldiers will respond မီးကုန်ယမ်းကုန်. The bind-ins usually obvious invasion ရှှား break up. So he will need to pay back. Verify {{uneducated classes, but people are not arbitrary ordinary ပေါတောတော. He is a very clever cunning opportunity Opportunist (a). He approached the NLD's main stronghold since the court was bright with Suu Kyi at the bottom of the slaves. Aung San Suu Kyi could even attempt to talk of his motor functions, so the focus to achieving the position of Prime Minister. But unfortunately it is not a party politician nor national. He is not selfish politician. This means that people who argue that the plant to identify not only for himself. One hundred to accept it's very cunning strategy}} I'll explain MASTER PLAN. The owner of the vote and how to vote in the NLD Aung San Suu Kyi is the only one who knows. So he replaced the people who died in 73-year-old Suu Kyi knew would want to rely on people. According to the Dalai enjoy when I understand he's not too far anymore. So now people who thought ရင်ထဲကို seed started pumping. He was Obama right think the referee shields ... The attacks have ကိုယ်ယုံကြည်ရာ hero ... Profile built himself and raised to become a kind ... So I cried and I fee from the barrel Phyo Phyo doing after coming to know who would exist These actions were veteran politicians who have studied psychology and is easily visible, but When ordinary people do not see them yet, to be honest. {Past SOCIAL MEDIA I go back and Maung Aye Pan ten Maki Single Digit IQ with the form and glory of Mother Swimming NLD draw prostitutes and under eat


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