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Coin Name: Prandex Bounty Token

Symbol : PRAB

Total supply : 200 Million

Coin price : 1 PRAB = 0.01 USD ( 1 cent)

Airdrop start date: 12 June 2018

Airdrop end date: 30 Sep 2018

The following bounty tasks will be rewarded with respective PRAB tokens. On completion of each task, the tokens will be immediately deposited to the users respective Prandex wallet.

Join our Telegram Channel - 200 PRAB Tokens (worth 2 USD)

SignUp bonus 500 PRAB (5 USD)
Click here to Register and get 500 PRAB Tokens (worth 5 USD)
Enter your email and validate the captcha you will receive a verification email
Validate the email and verify KYC
Remember to add your telegram id while doing KYC

Refer a friend using your referral link and for every friend who joins using your link - 500 PRAB tokens (worth 5 USD)
For Ex:
Using your referral link in the profile page and invite 10 friends

1 referral = 500 PRAB

10 referral = 5000 PRAB

You can use any medium to share the referral link

My reffel link in comment box.

Frequently Asked Question:

I joined telegram where are my tokens?
You have to be in telegram until our ICO to get these 200 PRAB tokens. So You don’t get the tokens immediately for joining telegram.
When signing up at Prandex, make sure to enter your telegram ID when asked in screen.
If you didn’t add during signup, don’t worry.
Go to Settings
and add your telegram id.
I signed up at Prandex , where are my tokens?
Login to Prandex and visit the Wallets section. You will find your PRAB 500 Tokens in the first row.
I refer my friend and he joined, How to see if i got the money?
to Prandex and visit the Wallet section. Your PRAB token will increase 500 units for every accepted friend.
You can see all your accepted friends in the Referral section.
When can i withdraw PRAB my tokens?
You cannot withdraw the PRAB tokens now. You have to wait until the ICO ends.


Can i join this airdrope without KYC verification.

Prab token seems good .can you share airdrop link .