On my way to make peace with the whales: stop the whale wars

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As a young woman, I like working in a peaceful environment. I am on my way to ask the whales to stop the flag wars and make peace. Wanna join me? I am not a fan of hate , scam and spam!!!

Send in your comments and resteem for others to join. Upvote toooooo


Nice post, but do you understand that by promoting your post with a bought upvote you are actually contributing a little bit to the flag wars?

There is no gain in war for the little people, in this case minnows. But the powerful, in this case whales, benefit greatly from war. As in life, so in Steemit, war is always present.
Live well
Do good
Dye strong

I decided to not correct the spelling

how else can I promote it? whale vote? hahahahah

I am on my way too to join and help youuuuuu hahahah. Upped and resteemed

Why have you got a picture of a dolphin as the main photo?

Orcinus Orca is not a whale

because am a little one Lol

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If the whale war continue steemit will divide into two and makes it a messy place.

Good point

I'm glad to know that you @ronja1 is As a young woman, who is brave and loves to work in a peaceful environment. I want to accompany you and want to join in on a journey to ask the pope to stop the flag war and make peace. I really love peace and also not a fan of hatred, deception and spam !!! Come on my friends at @steemit, let us all join us for this peaceful love action !!!

Thank you

@ronja1 cara buat animasi nya gerak gima ya

Ga bs bhsa indonesia dy, bkn org indonesia.

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I really love to join in this peace making journey, lol

On my way to help you too as its a great cause

I am on my way too. Thats a great cause


Peace is Paramount. Good one @ronja and am sure you bring all Waring parties to reason. Good luck in your peaceful venture

Hebat sekali!!!

Hilarious! I certainly wanna join you! LOL

Good point, hahah

why is there really the need for war in the first place? what's the bone of contention?

As them...lol

Please make sure you stop the war if you have the power to do that.

young womam is pink dolphin hahahha

Bek tuwoe Vote dan Follow back boeh

Sama sama vote beh :D

That is so funny but real too..thanks! @ronja1:)

These whale wars are happening for a reason. I think we first need to end this reason. This reason is rewardpoolabuse by some rich whale like haejin.