I heard good news in the morning

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I hope everyone is well. I wish everyone a good time. I wish you all a happy new day. I heard good news before I woke up today and I hope I have a good time today.Then I was asleep when suddenly my mobile call was coming and the mobile was getting louder. I somehow received the call in my sleep and said who.I heard a girl's voice from the other end of the mobile and then I realized that my older sister had called me and told me that she had released us from the hospital today and now you can see the baby.I could not have imagined to hear such good news in the morning. However, mentally I am very happy that my elder sister had a baby last week but now according to the rules of the hospital I could not go to see her so she was released from the hospital today Gave and today we can go see him.

Then I woke up early and told everyone in the family and my family was very happy. Then we all went to the hospital together.There are some rules for going to the hospital at this time so we prepared ourselves mentally and tried to follow all the health rules and finally we were able to go to my sister.
Anyway I will be a little late to go to work today. I told my colleague everything over the phone and finally we all went to the hospital together with the family and then tried to return home safely with my elder sister.Honestly, my older sister's daughter was so beautiful to look at and so sweet. I took a picture and that's why I want to share it with you.
In fact, Baby came to the world at a time when there is still an unknown fear in the world. I want us to get the vaccine as soon as possible and the fear to go away from us and our Baby to grow fearless and for that I belong to everyone I wish him well and may he grow up healthy in this beautiful world.20200924_15335301.jpeg

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