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This is Jordie from the Netherlands. Oh.. wait. No worries.. I'll keep it short ;)

When I grew up in the 80s/90s I always had an interest in creating stuff. Mostly I fed my imagination with music, comic books, playing outside and what not. But also had an interest for technology, combined with curiosity and a lack of patience it one time ended up me blowing up that expensive 486dx.. yes.. sorry that was me.

But I am not here to make confessions. Nope, I just would like to share my creative outbursts on Steemit.
Whenever I have the time and I feel like it, I draw weird dots and lines with a .03mm copic liner. That is actually where the name "INKVIZ" comes from; INK and Visuals. Besides the INK part, I create motion graphics on a daily base. Which is actually a big part of my profession.

When I am not at my daily job and still have a little bit of 'creativity' to squeeze out, I draw stuff like this:

What you can expect of me:
As I am not much of a reader nor writer I'd like to communicate with visuals and will keep my posts short but visually enriched.

So, thanks for reading so far and who knows.. stick around if you'd like to see my creative outbursts.

@guiltyparties for helping me out with this account
@rubencress for introducing me to the platform

Psyched to explore already :)


Welcome to Steemit! I hope to see your success in the future. That cat gif is a bit freaky by the way.

haha! yepp.. it sure is :)

About friggin time bruh! Nice :D

hehe... true

Welcome to Steemit! You´ll have a blast here :D


Welcome to Steemit @inkvizstudios
Great when you're here.
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Welcome aboard, glad to have helped.

appreciate it!

I've seen your website, I expect a lot from you. Welcome aboard!

Thanks @erodedthoughts . Nice you already checked out my personal site :)

Thanks @Silent-ghost! :)

Hey @inkvizstudios, welcome to an ideal medium for creative outbursts! You definitely have a talent for drawing and I like the 'tattoo like' design of the image.

Please, carry on your visual communications!

All the best,


Cool! Thanks @Phi23 and nice to hear you like it :)

You are most welcome!

Mostly I fed my imagination with music

What sort of music do you listen to, so as to feed your imagination?

Depends on the mood! From punk/hardcore to electronic music.

When I started to draw like this, I often listened to bands like The Crystal Method or similar to The Prodigy and tried to move the liner on the beats. I just like the pace I guess.

Greetings, and Welcome to the Steem Community @inkvizstudios!

I would love to feature your new introduction post in my weekly curation blog if you don't mind!

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Hi @ma1neevent! Ofcourse I don't mind :) all new to this though!

Hey Jordie! I hope you find your Steemit journey enjoying. The Netherlands is one of my favorite countries and I love the freedom it offers. I hope they never allow anyone to change that. Welcome!

Yep, agree! Like it here as well. NL is very open to many cultures/thoughts or ways of living. Although I think the lack of respect to each other seems drifting away every year a bit further.

Hey brethren! You have some Drawing skills. Keep that shit up! Love it!

Welcome to steemit @inkvizstudios.

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Welcome on Steemit @inkvizstudios
Glad meet you here

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Thanks @ettydiallova ! Just saw yur latest post about Gado-Gado! Hope to see more of 'em, indo-food is awesome.

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hello @inkvizstudios , welcome to steemit, I am too still new to Steemit, this is a good place to learn. whatever thing you are interested in , you can get involved in it, lets interact with teach other.

Hi Barbara, thanks. What are you aiming for to learn?