Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest - Who Will Be Voted Off The Island Next?

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Source: CBS


In addition to the main contest with a 20 Steem Prize* I will also be occasionally running a weekly contest.

The object of the weekly contest is very simple: you win if you guess who will be voted off the island next!


*click the link to participate in the main contest. Guesses valid until the 24th of September!!!!


  1. Guess who will be voted out next on the coming episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath from the list of 20 contestants below and leave your guess in the comments section.
  2. There is no #2, that's it! If you guess correctly, you win!
  3. Trash talking other Steemian's choices highly encouraged!


The winner will receive (in order of importance):

  • Bragging rights immortalized forever on the blockchains
  • PLUS - the total amount of Steem generated from this post
  • AND - one Steem Basic Income (SBI) share provided by contest sponsor @freedomshift through his #ccc initiative (see below for more info on #ccc).
  • Additional prizes may be added if we pick up sponsorships along the way.


The season premier of Survivor David vs. Goliath will air 8pm on Wednesday, September 26 at 8pm, so the deadline for this week's contest is:

7am EST on Wednesday September 26th.

At that point I will lock your choices. A winner announcement post will follow.


Pick the contestant you think will be voted out first from the following two tribes:

David Tribe

Source: CBS

David Tribe members are - back row, left to right - Elizabeth Olson, Carl Boudreaux, Nick Wilson, Davie Rickenbacker, Pat Cusack. And front row, left to right: Bi Nguyen, Lyrsa Torres, Jessica Peet, Gabby Pascuzzi, Christian Hubicki.

Goliath Tribe

Source: CBS

Goliath Tribe members are - back row, from left to right - Jeremy Crawford, Alec Merlino, Alison Raybould, John Hennigan, Dan Rengering. And front row, from left to right: Mike White, Natalie Cole, Kara Kay, Natalia Azoqa, Angelina Keeley


  • If more than one Survivor contestant is voted off on this episode, that means you have more than one chance to win!
  • If more than one Steemian guesses correctly, the Steem Prize will be evenly split, but the @freedomshift #ccc SBI share will go to the first one to correctly guess someone who is voted off in the coming episode.
  • In the case NO ONE correctly guesses this week, the Steem earned in this post will be saved up and added to the pool for the next Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest.


From @freedomshift:
This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed Daily Income and Payout for Newbies (2.0) in #ccc and Follow the Honor Code - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)
the latest update <<< please click to read.

As you can see, @freedomshift has kindly offered to contribute 1 SBI share towards the Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest. He does this all the time through #ccc, please go check him out and consider joining the #ccc initiative! Thank you @freedomshift!


This is mostly for fun and because I'm a huge Survivor fan! I don't expect the post payouts to be large, but I'll do everything I can think of to increase the upvotes!

Good luck to all and I hope you enjoy the contest!

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To confirm my co-sponsorship of this contest, please see this contest listed in Current Open Contests in #ccc and my Offer to Sponsor Your Contest to Win 🏅 SBD 💵 or SBI 💵 shares - #8.

My co-sponsorship -

  • 1 SBI for a selected winner
  • bonus round for entries submitted as a 'qualified #ccc post" - 1 SBI for 1 winner per 6 entries (This also gives you a chance to brag or elaborate your choice and is an additional chance to win)

I am known to make exceptions and even just one "qualified #ccc entry" could win 1 SBI for the "bonus round"❗

@eoj - Please also provide updates, including winners, on that post.

Please also check out other #ccc contests there.

For more information about #ccc -
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@eoj - please copy the code from "code to copy" on my posts.

Thank you!

Code copied, thanks for your support!


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All the best!

Pat Cusack if I'm not to late...

Not too late, your choice is noted! Nice pick, Pat looks like he has too much personality to hide - that might get him in trouble early!

We have a winner!!!!

Yes we do!!!!

Winner Winner thank you thank you

Great pick @steven-patrick! Working on the winner announcement post now!!

What in the heck? You love Survivor and (I just read your intro post from forever ago) you are super interesting! 😄 You have a life and are addicted to a reality TV show? How is this possible? 😂🤣

A few things:

  1. I have travel envy. You have been so many places!
  2. What company did you guide with in the Southwest? I used to lead tours with Contiki (like the anti camping tour company for young people but a couple of my friends there used to guide for camping tours in the southwest.
  3. The name that tail contest was a brilliant idea.
  4. The wedding photo you shared is STUNNING.

As for survivor.... this week is hard. It will be easier after we get to know the people. This is weird but I am gonna guess the person I picked as winner will be voted out first! 😂 What’s her name again?.... Alison Raybould

Haha, thank you, what a nice comment! Survivor is one of @suitcasemama and I's guilty pleasures. We watch a couple more shows, but having no TV helps us not get too sucked in! Although we do spend probably too much time on screens these days!

A few replies:

  1. Maybe that's why I'm tired all the time ;)
  2. Cool! I was with your super shoestring budget competitor Trek America! Maybe we ran into each other on the road in a past life?
  3. I liked the Name That Tail contest too, but barely got any nibbles! Maybe I'll fire it up again soon to see if I can attract more participants :)
  4. Thank you! The benefits of having a photographer for a wife: she's got photographer friends :) This guy was crazy amazing!

And your vote for Alison is noted! If you're right, at least you'll qualify for @rentmoney's booby prize! :)

YES!!!! Trek America!!! My feeble middle age lady brain was not finding the name in my head. 😄 I was “on the road 1999 & 2000” so my trek America peeps were with them in the couple years before that. Tour life was so fun.

159 words according to https://sacha.me/Countable/.

Just a few more and put in a #ccc qualified post as an entry will give you additional chance to win SBI or even SBD also.

Natalie Cole gets the boot in the first episode.

That's my guess too! My logic: I think the Goliaths will lose the first challenge and because they're Goliaths, they'll look to get rid of a physically weaker player. Only problem is that I drew Natalie Cole for @o07's ounce of silver bonus game! Hahaha!

Carl Boudreaux

Confirming that your choice for the first person to be voted off is Carl Boudreaux! Good luck and welcome to the contest!

This is a tough one to decide. Trying to pick the scrawny most annoying oddball. The robotics guy ... close 2nd pick. Not sure if he can turn down his eccentricity. Gonna have to go with Mike White, as first survivor voted off the island.

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Okay, one vote for Mike White. We'll see if anyone recognizes him and it makes him more of a target!

David tribe - Nick Wilson
Goliath tribe -John Hennigan

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Welcome to the contest @lilkeszi! You can only pick one contestant - who do you think will be the first to be voted out, John or Nick?

John then

Posted using Partiko Android

Your vote for John Hennigan is noted. Good luck!

I'll try Lyrsa Torres as being first off. Since I haven't a clue what I'm doing, my guess is more or less a random pick based on how they look. She looks like she could be the kind of person that has a hard time making friends. (If there IS such a look.) There is another guy that looks real grumpy and he would be my 2nd choice.

Noted! As good a guess as any! Hard without seeing an episode, but should get easier after we get to know the characters a bit!

That's true, but what makes someone a candidate to get turfed? Could be many factors. I guess that's what makes it so exciting.

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Noted! Nice guess, I think if her tribe loses the first challenge, she might be in trouble!

David Tribe-Lyrsa Torres

Welcome @bidesign! You have to be more specific, who on the David tribe do you think will get voted out first?

OK updated my reply

Lyrsa Torres, great guess, noted!

Ill go with Nick Wilson.

Rather random choice, but he does look slightly nervous in the photo.

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Ha! As good a reason as any! Hard to tell before we've even seen an episode!

Votes for this week's contest are LOCKED! Good luck everyone!