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RE: Winner and Next Round Announcement - Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest Episode Four - No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!

I was so close to winning with my pick of Davie, but I'm glad he's still in it. I like him a lot more than Natalia.

This week, it could be anyone. I really want Natalie gone because she's so annoying, but I think she's an ideal person to take to the final 3 because no one likes her.

It's becoming more of an individual game at this stage, so I think people will be gunning for the big guys. Christian and Gabby have a tight alliance and I think they can talk a Goliath over to their side. My pick is going to be for the mayor of Slamtown himself, John Hennigan.


I tend to agree on Natalie, although it's going to be a looooong season if we have to listen to her every week - imagine what it must be like to share a camp with her!

Vote noted, John Hennigan it is!

There has pretty much been a blindside every vote. And that would be another one..