Newbiegames Needs Help And Is Looking For Curators!

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@newbiegames needs help... a lot of help. Will you become one of the new team members that will make this community a success again?

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The Story Of @newbiegames

The @newbiegames account was started in the first half of this year. It was (and still is) a spinoff of the @newbieresteemday initiative, founded by @davemccoy and @mudcat36.

Back then, @newbiegames had an entire team behind it. We were all redfish and minnows having fun hosting games and contests on this account. The team's goal was to help newcomers to grow their account a little faster while having fun. After all, contests and games are a great way to earn a little extra and to meet new people.

As time passed and our accounts grew, everyone started focusing on other things. That's just how things go in life.

For the last couple of months, I've been 'running' this account alone, and after our very successful Palooza giveaway it became hard to find the time to keep it active.

Just recently, @newbiegames received a generous delegation from @idikuci. I don't want to let it go to waste, but to make the most of this, I need help. Reliable help.

We've got to take this chance to make @newbiegames a team effort again, so it can help more newcomers now and in the future.


How Can You Help?

There are different roles that need to be filled in. I'm looking for:

  • curators

  • game makers or contest hosts

  • people with ideas and organization skills

  • someone who is willing to work at my side and help me to get this all organized and set up, so we can get @newbiegames going again. (Requirements: being motivated, think long-term, have organisation skills and ideas how we can make @newbiegames great again. If you think you would be the right person to run the account with me, send me a DM on Discord: simplymike#5957)

These last three roles will be clarified in another post I will publish soon. For today, I'm only focusing on finding curators, because I need to get this post out before another day has gone by.

Before I get into it, I'd like to stress that I'm looking for people who really want to get involved long-term and won't drop out again in 2 weeks.

If I can find enough people to help out, playing your part wouldn't take a lot of time. Plus, you'll be rewarded for your actions, of course.


Curating For @newbiegames

I'm looking for 4 or 5 curators in English. It would be awesome if I could find some people who are able to curate in another language too, but for now, that's not a priority.

As a curator, the following things would be expected of you:

  • You are good at finding contests, games or challenges that are fit for newcomers. (In other words: check the tag feeds for easy-to-join initiatives.)

  • You know how curation works. (I'll create a Discord channel with all needed information and some tips)

  • You can follow up on new games and contests, and upvote and/or resteem the best ones. (The more people we find, the less work this will be.)

  • You can write 1 or 2 curation posts per week (the number will depend on how many people I can find) in which you highlight 3 to 5 contests/games. (I will provide you with a template for the curation post.)

  • You are a team player and dedicated to the SteemIt community.

If we can find enough people, you're 'job' at @newbiegames will take no more than an hour, maybe 2, each week.

As a curator, this is what you get in exchange for the effort you put in:

  • You can keep 50% of the payout on every curation post you publish.

  • You will be rewarded with a Steem Power delegation.


How To Apply?

If you are interested in becoming a curator for @newbiegames, then show me what you can do.

Write a curation post for @newbiegames and publish it on your blog before Tuesday, December 4th.

Be sure to use the tag #newbiegamescurator.

You don't have to worry about the layout. I have created a template you can use. The picture on the right is an example preview. In the real template, there is room for 3 contests/games/challenges.

All you need to do is replace the dummy text and images, and fill in the details of every contest/game.

You can download the template below.


The games/contests/challenges you curate must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be fit for newcomers.

  • They can not be older than 2 days on the day you publish your post.

  • Preferably contests that don't ask for a resteem or a certain upvote %.

  • Using the #newbiegames tag is not a requirement.

You can download the template here

Click here to see an example curation post

I will check all applications on Tuesday and will get back to each of you.


Spread The Word

For this message to reach as many people as possible, I kindly ask you for a resteem.

Or, if you know people who might be interested, you can also tag them in the comments section to draw their attention to this post.

make newbiegames great again.png

P.S. Don't forget to join our latest contest:


Click Here To Join

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This would be an ideal job for me, because I love contests. I can also evaluate content in Spanish.
here is my entry:
Play Our Selected Games And Contests For December 3rd (application to become an official curator for @newbiegames)

Awesome! I'll get back to you soon with more details, hopefully tomorrow - I'm trying to get everything organized and set up, so you will be properly rewarded for your efforts.
Thanks a bunch for wanting to help out!

Meanwhile, I resteemed the post.

I am a member and project manager of Italian community (@steempostitalia) and if you will decide and need to have foreign Curators, remember that I am here!
Good luck @newbiegames!

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Thanks, @monici90, nice to meet you.
I know that we have a very large Spanish comunity, but only recently discovered that there is a very active Italian community too.
I hadn't forseen all this happening with the @newbiegames account, so I don't have any structured plans yet. This is actually an idea I'm working out while we go.
These last couple of months, I've basically have done nothing but resteeming, but that doesn't help to grow the account. That's why I thought it might be a better idea to do a couple of curation posts every week. It would be awesome if we could also do some in different languages, because I want @newbiegames to be here for everyone on the platform.
I really appreciate your offer to help out and I'll probably accept it. Everything depends on whether I can find more people to help out...

If not, it will be an obvious sign there's no use here for @newbiegames...

No problem. I am here and you can write me whenever you want.
Good luck!

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Yeah I want to join your team I had created a entry
Also I participate in many contests so I can post it to the curation post and also I run many giveaways by my self I am in many communities like Contests Kings and Lion Den,s it will help me to find favorable contests
later I will spread my list and also add some good things
I hope I will be selected

Thanks a lot for wanting to help out, @talhatariq. I really appreciate it.
I'll get back to you soon - I'm working in speed tempo to get everything organized.
(I'll resteem your curation post later today)

Am in on this, I will like to join you guys to do a long term project.

Hey @botefarm. That would be great. We can use all the help we can get :0)
Could you please send me a DM on Discord to my personal account (@simplymike#5957), so we can exchange some info?

There are several people who use @botefarm as a username on Discord. I don't know which one is you

Oh my, thanks for the love.


i wanna join your team to grow this community bigger...

Awesome. Thanks in advance.
We're still working out the details, but could you already send me a DM on Discord (@simplymike#5957) so we talk about it? Thanks

Hey as you know maybe I am in Contest Kings and Do a lot of giveaway post so maybe I could take part in this I will talk to you.

If I can gather a couple of curators, the next step will be to find some people who are willing to run a contest/game/giveaway on the account once a week or so. I also want to open it up for newbies who want to run a contest but have no followers, nor the abiliy to give out a reward.
But I will definitely need people who are willing to make a sort of commitment.

From what I've seen, I think you might be able to bring in some good ideas, both regarding content as regarding structure. So feel free to contact me anytime (on my personal account. I don't spend a lot of time on the @newbiegames Discord account)

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That's your name.

No problem. What are you doing?

Hi, I have been trying to make a Genius Series in which a question related to math or science is asked and the ones with right answers, a winner or two are drawn.
I also have some ideas on how to get newbies some profit through a Dapp, which can be beneficial for every user who commits to it.
But I mostly don't have much time to spend on steemit daily, but I do prefer to make it weekly.
I have messaged you on discord. I would like to discuss further with you. may be i will also think of entering as a curator lol. Thanks BTW.
Dayyan Khan.

I got back to you on Discord, I'll soon contact you again. We're working out some details now.

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I truly hope you get some help with this monumental project you've somehow ended up with! :) I obviously can't take it on, but will certainly keep my eyes out for contests in my travels and tag you when I see them.

Thanks, Lynn. You chose the right words: the project I ended up with :0(
Thanks for your everlasting support xx

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Thanks, @crowdmind. I'm not familiar with your community, but will definitely inform myself.
Unfortunately, the invitation link for the Discord server has expired.

Hey - thank you for that :-) Please try this one

Wow that's cool

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This is great. While I don't know that I'm a good fit, I know a whole community that needs to see this: #steemitbloggers

I'm a member of #steemitbloggers myself, but didn't really know how to reach them. I don't think I can just share it in the Discord server from my personal account. But maybe the tag will work. I'll add the tag to the tags on the post.

I also shared the link with @jaynie, so I'm sure it will get around pretty soon. 😀

Thanks, @mattifer. I really appreciate it

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Hey @simplymike how is it going finding anybody yet?


Sorry for the delay.
It has been rough. At the worst possible moment, I finally decided to resign as the manager of the @newbiegames account. It was causing me too much stress, and took up too much of my time. I couldn't do it anymore.
So for now, the account is put on hold, until Dave and mudcat36 have decided which way to go with it. If they will keep it runninv, I'll probably return, but ony as a member of the team. I'm not really a leader-type. Too many responsibilities, too many decisions that need to be made. Not my cup of tea...

I understand @simplymike, you are a good person and you have done a lot for this community all ready.


Sounds great, Im going to resteem this...

We don't want steemit to look like this in the future...

Image source:


Thanks for the support, @friendly-fenix

Thanks for the reply @newbiegames...


Thanks for the resteembot resteem, by the way :0)

Yeah no problemo.
Not all bots are bad. I like that one, it's honest and affordable, but I guess timing is important with these services, depending on what part of the world you want to reach, like with all posting on steemit.



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Nice initiative.

Namaste, JaiChai

am not up for the job. but hope you find a few good one.
am running and rpg game here on steemit to. its good fun but hard on the time a spend and the amount of pay out. but its interesting for sure.

I'm already rather preoccupied with @opgaming and other proclivities, but I resteemed this in case one of my followers could help.

Thanks for spreading the word, @ddrfr33k

Good luck, @newbiegames It looks like you have some wonderful people joining your team.

Thank you for taking part you have received a upvote and resteem @steemwhalepower

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