Bike Therapy, Stage 4 and my difficulty adjusting.

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My husband is the proud owner of this beautiful new Giant Mountain Bike. He is really excited about it.

According to Western Medicine, he has Stage 4 cancer and should never expect to be cancer-free. While this news is terrifying, we don't accept it at face value.

He is doing what is considered life-extending Chemo. He had to in order to buy time. In addition, though we are implementing other treatment plans which include, diet, exercise, and spiritual and emotional healing.

I am also not discounting that Western Medicine is often wrong.

Don't get me wrong I know it is a rough long road ahead... I am having difficulty swallowing it.

But also. We are going to LIVE one day at a time and hope for the best


Ah, that's shit.

Good luck to mr @whatsup - He deserves it!

I'm sure I'm teaching you to suck eggs on this one, but worth saying just in case.

From the little research I've done - cancer can't live without carbohydrates?

Good luck to him again

We are totally on the keto diet. I'm doing better with it than he is.. nothing is rolling my way right now.

Thanks for the thoughts

have a hug...

I am so sorry to hear you two have to deal with this. I am sure tons of people have chimed in with advice to the point it is annoying. Fact: Cancer feeds on sugars. This is how the PET scan works to detect it. It is basically sugar with dye. This is why a low carb diet is recommended. LOW SUGAR DIET!!!! This will not kill the cancer cells but may retard it's growth and spread. Look into this and you will see. The big thing re: cancer is hormones ( for some types) and sugar ( for most types).

I am praying for you and your family as you confront this.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I agree Sugar feeds cancer and also.. even though they know it, they pretend they do not.

"..even though they know it, they pretend they do not." Crazy right?! What's up with that? I tell ya. (SMH)

Man, the whole thing just sucks really badly. But nice bike, though...

Our friend did send her breast cancer into remission through a combination of RSO, lifestyle changes and generally having a positive attitude. The whole notion of LIVING one day at a time seems like a sound approach.

All the best to you both.

What an awesome bike that is, i had a similar one a few years back.

Nothing like a bike ride to make anyone feel better..

Have you thought about using CBD oil?

We are trying to get it in him! (CBD) he is a little resistant, but some days he will.

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