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Hello everyone! I am new here at steemit and I am hoping that we can go along with each other as time goes by.


I am Trisha Heart A. Sumalinog. 20 years of age. Taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education at Cebu Normal University.

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"Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring so I go back to being me."

Ever since I am young I wanted to be a teacher. However, because I am born here in the Philippines, medical and engineering courses are the most respected and highly paid profession. Thus, society tries to dictate what I should get when I go to college. Following the norm of the society I am in is really hard. It is like walking on thin strings above a hole of doom. But since my passion for teaching is stronger than their hope of me to become who they want me to be, I proceeded to education as I got to college.

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"Life is like an ocean. It stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul."

Personally, I have been in love with the ocean and the life it contains since I am young. I even dreamt of having dolphins, sharks, jellyfish, and seahorses as pets. Ridiculous isn't it? But true. I wanted to experience ocean diving and ocean world visitation but never had the chance to do it since I cannot afford one. But someday, I want to reward myself and enjoy the ocean life I ever dreamt of.


Hello dear, please post in the Newcomers community. You'll get reviewed easily and better that way.
And this post of @cryptokannon will help you make your stay here easier.
Thanks, enjoy your stay

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