Fagune fire today spring.

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O poet! Why are you silent - Fagun holds that you have come, won't you take it in the spring, and serve? 'Poet Begum Sufia Kamal presented the spring appeal in this way. And in the words of poet Subash Mukherjee, 'Flowers bloom and do not bloom / Today is spring'.
Indeed today it is the Holy Falgun. Rituraj is the first day of spring. Forgetting the emptiness of winter, the nature of abhaman Bengal today is the touch of Fagun, the song of spring fire of fire. Blood will flow to the Shimul-Palash, Krishnachura, Radhachura, Naglingam trees. On this day when flowers and a ball are celebrated, four corners will be filled with the sound of Parijat colors in the forest.
Like a light dance on small leaves, Bengali will also feel the throw. The heart will rise. The sweet smell of cork, the messenger of spring, is hidden behind the leaves. Every new verse will rise in the poet's mind. The spring wind will roam in everyone's mind; Basanti will be decorated. Green Bangladesh will be drunk when the spring queen arrives.
According to Agun Ranga’s fiery state, not only is the color of joy spreading, the color is spreading to every little soul. The soul is drawn, and the mind is at peace, infinite in nature. There is no end to the joys of youth in spring. Kokilera kuhutana, south wind, dried anklets nikbana jharapata, natural union is all this spring.
Spring means fullness. Spring means the sound of a new life. Spring means walking hand in hand. This time of meeting adorns the mind with the colors of the saints and makes people anxious. Doesn't this kind of fear come from such a happy day in the mind waiting anxiously- ‘Will you take me to China / On this new day of Falgun- Janine ...?’.
On this day, countless women painted the whole city including the city's main streets, parks, book fairs, and a decorated green courtyard at Dhaka University. During this time, nature eliminates winter fatigue and flowers. The new leaves on the trees, the small soft green leaves, with a little wind speed, tell us something new. In winter, the forest-forests awaken with a miraculous touch. Palash, Shimul trees play a game of color fire. Naturally, spring roses are delicious.
On the first day of spring, young brides will come out with basketball-colored sandals, forehead tips, belts on their hands, anklets on their feet and marigold flowers on their heads. Basanti Punjabi, thousands of fatwa-dressed young men and old men will descend on the slopes of various spring events. Fresh air of Fagun, Raktim Palash, Shimul,
Kanchan Parijat, Madhabi, Gamari and small soft marigold flowers will draw the eye to the joys of spring.
Botanical Gardens, Ramna Park, Bulldha Gardens, Suhrawardy Udyan, Dhanmondi Lake, Banani Lake, Minto Road, Hair Road, green courtyard after fine art flourished and brightened and brightened . Spring is a time of youth, so the words of the poet are heard in everyone’s mind- ‘Spring has touched me. The sense of sleep is therefore awakened, in the day of Santa Falgun Anand '.
The tradition of celebrating the ‘Spring Festival’ was introduced 20 years ago in 1401 BS. Since then, the National Spring Festival Celebration Council has been organizing spring festivals. There is a difference in this year's spring festival program. In addition to spring dances, songs and poems, the National Festival of Spring Festivals also organized protest dances, songs and readings.
Today, the first part of the day-long program of Basanta Abahan will begin with Bakultala music of the Faculty of Fine Arts. After that there will be a spring procession, Abir and flower friendships as well as dance and song arrangements.