New Rule: Atleast 200 words post to get Challengedac Curation + No more Upvoting of Spam posts using the Challenge tagsteemCreated with Sketch.

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Hello Challengers!

We the members of the @Challengedac App team sincerely apologise for curating low effort posts from spammers which has led to the downvoting of some other posts, as we were not aware that a certain group of spammers were behind the act, Our aim came on Steem is with good intentions of supporting our users who follow simple Steem rules and not to incenticize spamming and we want to say that starting from now, we will only curate quality posts that will meet our new standard of 200 words and above.

We write this post to inform our community members about the High rate of low effort posts from steemians when using our tag #challengedac tag. We at the @challengedac team apologize for supporting posts that comes from a Spam group as we were not aware that was going on. We apologize to the @steem community and we promise to make amends towards building a robust community on the Steem Blockchain.

From now henceforth, We are only going to upvoted posts that are 200 words and above, so if anyone wants to support us by using our tag, then he/she must make sure to write a quality post to get the post upvoted by @challengedac curators as most users have gotten their posts downvoted due to high rate of spamming by a notorious group which was unknown to the Challenge team.

Challengeeos established it's community on Steem to benefit users and also maintain an alliance between Steemit and Challenge App team. We will not let a group of unrepentant spammers ruin that for us.

Steemians who will use our tag in future should do so on quality posts only as to help us sanitize our community on Steem and promote this great Blockchain while promoting our App.


Thanks as you all adhere to this Change!

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Thanks for sharing this information with us.This rual will help all the steemians and you will also get a lot of quality trains and the good quality control like the steem platform will add many thanks to us for the updates.Hopefully the @challengedac team will continue to work like this.

Awesome explanation of what has been happening with the spammers and a the downvoting going on! Thanks for the awesome project you have put into place and for letting just anyone that creates quality 200 word posts use the tag and get attention!♥️💯

I have always loved our beloved @Steem community and have done my best to create good posts that add value to the readers of the platform.

@Steemit was the pioneer of Cryptocurrency social media built on the blockchain. Now these types of sites are a dime a dozen but SteemIt has one of the best communities!

I never have too much problem creating content and posts that are 200 words♥️😂 I am a chatterbox even my comments are probably close to 200 words LMAO!

Looking forward to helping to support you and the ongoing growth of your mission! Talk soon ♥️ @bit-trader

This is good news. Hopefully everyone will understand and work well here.

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I think the true Steemians will adhere to this new rule to help better our community and Steem platform.

Thanks for the new Implementation @challengedac team.


And this is an action or news I've been dreaming to hear since the day I've returned here. Too many dummy accounts that has been used for personal negative intentions and opportunities that are wasted and abused. Thank you so much @challengedac for the effort and for your endeavor. ☺☺

Why did this post get downvoted so much? Wouldn't it be a good thing for the entire community that you aren't going to reward spam posts?

I don't understand what happened here??

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