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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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A remarkable report, the kind of record that may become a primary source in years to come. So happy you are well. Hope you stay that way. Read on Discord that you had finally caught a flight back. Brave, brave, brave. But then there were the cats :)) And with hysteria about cat transmission, they needed you.
I would have have returned for the cats, also.
Be well. Hand washing, as you know, is more effective than sanitizer (with traditional flu virus).
Looking forward to more reports, especially to reports that you are doing well.


Well that study's problems aside, it's true that basic hygeine is the key, so it frustrates me that I'm legally required to do this mask thing even when, say, I'm completely alone in the street at night, or taking the trash out.

It's the same frustration as watching cities cover the streets in chlorine or whatever.. for what use it'll do. Sigh.

I'm glad some people understand the desperate need to protect one's family members (cats)!

It would be cool to see this pop up 30 years from now lol, but maybe a bit embarassing. Cheers for keeping up agmoore II!