Kingsford Charcoal Plant on Strike! November 14th 2017

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There is a Union strike at the Kingsford Charcoal plant in Burnside, Kentucky going on right now. I don't know if this is going on at any other Kingsford locations or not. Details are few and not easy to find.

What I've been able to gather in my research is that this strike is organized by the Laborers Union 576 out of Louisville, Kentucky and is in response to employees' dissatisfaction with the Clorox company's recent proposal to move from 3 - 8 hour work shifts to 2- 12 hour work shifts. The 576 Laborers Union converged on the Burnside plant to rally against this proposal.

The only two mentions I have been able to find are a Commonwealth Journal article from two days ago and a thread on Topix.

The Topix thread is mostly people arguing the merits of a union, but I did find this tidbit that employees get a 10 minute break every hour interesting.


For those doing the math, that's 8- 10 minute breaks per day! Under the proposed scheduling changes it's 12- 10 minute breaks per day! PAID! TWO free hours of pay EVERYDAY!

Here is a short video clip I shot as I was driving past the strike.

Sources: Commonwealth Journal article written by Janie Slaven.

Topix thread:

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