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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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This is very interesting, definitely please try to keep posting about this. There is so much fake news and bait and switch narratives out there, most people don't even know what to believe.

We know some of the real numbers, if not all, are not what the governments report. I've seen some videos of people getting evacuated - so to speak - for health and security reasons. There are some videos circulating from doctors "coming out" with real data or different numbers. We have articles stating everything is under control and the WHO is doing everything to help, and at the same time there is so many articles and videos "leaked" pointing exactly to the opposite, where chaos is boss.

I've known you, at least from here, for quite a while, so reading your impressions and first hand experiences is quite the ride. Hopefully you'll be able to keep us updated with what I may dare calling real, verified news.

Best of luck Mobbs.


Absolutely. It's hard even for me to find truth in terms of data. Most people have turned to social media anecdotal footage and so forth to try and get a balanced view because the numbers from the government are very clearly fake - Where Guangdong reports 0 deaths, people in Guangdong were sharing videos from their apartments of people being taken away in body bags by people in hazmat suits.

We can never know what's really going on unfortunately. Now the CCP has changed the definition of what gets reported too, it's even harder!

But I've been doing my best to gather data, patterns and personal experience so hopefully I can continue with a colourful and fairly reliable description!