Now Announcing ~ Steem Office ~ A Great New Way To Publish Directly To Steem From The Windows Desktop!

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Now you can publish your work directly to the steem blockchain without having to log into!  Steem Office is a free desktop application that works with Windows OS using DotNet 4.5.2 or higher.  You can download the installer from the official website here.  And the source code is on GitHub here.  I'm releasing Steem Office today on June 22, 2018 under the BSD License (absolutely free).

When you install it some Windows virus scanners might complain that the software is unrecognized, please don't panic, it's only because it's new.  I wrote this application in C# and JavaScript, based on my older web-based project  There may be some bugs in this first release.  Known issues are that the Save-To-File button might not always work, and the text-to-speech feature might require downloading some additional 3rd party voice files, but I'm not sure where to find the voice files so I've been unable to test that part.

If you need help or have any questions, suggestions, or feedback then please feel free to comment on this post.  And of course, if you like this then please re-steem it so that others can find out about this too.


Nice post to keep us informed about steemit progress.

can i change my user name ?
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Interesting information.

sir is there any official android application for steemit so this will beneficial to us

Thanks for your news dear :-)

Nice information keep it up...

thanks for votes

Wow! This is awesome. Well, for me that's still stuck on my Android phone, I bet the likes of @otybest and @ifioklee will love this.

Great work! Thanks for information.
Best regards from me, city29.
Nice to know you here, @anomaly.

I think I will wait tell you get some of the bugs worked out. Thanks for the head up on it though and good luck with it.

ok...very interesting...thanks for sharing.


¿Es compatible con 64 bits?

Sí, está hecho para 64 bits

let me know some technical specification of it

Okay, it's made with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. I programmed it in C# with DotNet version 4.5.2, and Javascript embedded into the application using a browser control called CefSharp. CefSharp is essentially the Chrome browser made for embedding into software, it's rather large and I think that's why the source code is such a long download.
Steem Office is basically two programs made to work together, one is the javascript interface, and the other is the C# program that loads the javascript interface. The C# part manages the log in credentials and if the user chooses to save the login to their hard drive it encrypts the login information twice, once with a password and again with a key file that it generates in real-time for extra security.
The javascript part of Steem Office is where it starts looking like a word processor. The javascript code is based on my earlier work,, but I modified it to work with the c# part. The javascript loads some external 3rd party libraries like SimpleMDE for the text editor, and Steem JS to connect with the Steem Blockchain.
Steem Office is currently only running on 64-bit Windows PCs, but it might also be able to run on Mac OS X and Linux computers with the Mono Framework installed ( Also, since most of the program is written in Javascript it could be made into an Android or IOS app by wrapping the javascript code into a native program, just like how it was embedded into C#.

I will test this feature.. ✌✌

Good developement

Nice effort for keeping us informed about the new developments on steemit.

Can I post this to steemhunt with your permission?

Yes, you have my permission. And thank you for telling me about steemhunt, it looks like something I should check out.

Yes. U should check them out definitely!!!

Here is the link of Steemhunt posting of your "STEEM OFFICE".
50% of this hunt profit is set to go to you. Thank you.

Also, I like to translate this posting in Korean and I like to post it on Korean Steemit community if it is ok with you. Please let me know.

Yes, please. I think that would be great, thank you.

Great. I'll do that!

Also, we made to 10th place on Steemhunt! Congrats!
steem office.jpg
50% of this hunt profit is set to go to you. Thank you.
Let me know if you have postings for Korean community or steemhunt.

You just did it well. I was constantly looking for such softwares since days!!

Just Follow Upvote & Comment as i did (:

Wooww what good information dear friend did not know, thank you very much for sharing.

14231756_1371508412863792_908461393491192521_o.jpg friends my gift

wooow, hullo @anomaly, this is a great invetion from you towards the steemit community, i believ it is going to make steemit very user friendly. please keep up with such innovations.

Is it available for windows only?

Thanks for the useful information @anomaly
Please support me if you like my blogs.

This software will definitely make life easier on Steemit, and those are the best kinds of inventions. The ones that make complicated things simple. Keep up the great work!

This is cool! Definitely going to try it soon. Well done.

Good job... But android and os app might be a better option

Thank you for nice information.

Nice post @anomaly keep us informed about steemit.

Nice post sir.

Good information

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thank you for the info... I'm a newbie here ;)

@anamoly you are the great sir

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Thanks sir for this information..

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