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RE: Mainstream media continues to distract while French police make their own list of demands 🇫🇷

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I wish I was in Poland, no, I am in South Africa. As I am a pensioner, it means I cannot leave - since no other country would give me a pension, I cannot even think of leaving.

btw - I just resteemed a post I think everyone should see - just suggesting :)


I had a look at your page and resteemed two posts. Thanks for this. I had no idea, but it makes sense, given everything I know now.

Am curious to understand what is your connection to Poland? You used to live there?

No connection to Poland. I admired them when they rebelled against the Soviets...and now, when they had the intelligence to see the truth about the EU and their planned destruction of Europe through the flooding of people who have no education and who still cling to barbaric customs.

My only other connection to anything Polish was at the time I was a child, growing up in Tanganyika. Not far from where I lived, there was a camp for Polish women. They could not be returned to Poland by the Brits, because Poland was under soviet rule. They earned themselves pocket money by sowing dresses and so on - and they were known for enjoying parties and dancing (sorry, but that was all I was told as a child - in those days we did not tell kids about the seamier side of life).

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