I finally cut the cord. Bye Bye DirecTV!

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I am so tired of paying this stupid cable bill. I mean think about it....we pay thousands of dollars a year to have cable so that we can be lied to by the press and brainwashed by the government. No more for me.

I cant wait to send this mess back to the cable company and let them know that they will never be in my pocket again until prices get more reasonable.

I switched all of my TVs to just a simple antenna that cost 30 bucks and the picture comes in just as good a digital cable. No kidding!

As you can see the picture is very clear and its consistent looking this way. I only get about 15-20 channels but the important thing is I get all the local stations so I'll never miss any Broncos games! So far...this is one of the best decisions I ever made.

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We did this two years ago and are so happy!
Not only did we save about $120 a month... but we rarely got our money's worth. Of the 500 plus channels.. we watched maybe 12. We do Netflix, Amazon Video, Firestick and YT videos.

We prefer to watch documentaries and docu-series.

Heck we are just now watching (binge watching I may add) the TV show Justified... from what? 8 years ago!

@broncnutz I do Not Watch TV anymore at All. I cut the Cord almost 5 years Ago. It was like Major Withdrawal for Two Weeks and Then I realized it was The BEST Thing I had Ever Done..........

Trust The Plan "Q"

Make TV great again Q!

Excellent solution. I have a similar problem, but not yet solved, we do not have another company to give up the old

You don’t need a company. Just hook up this antenna I’m using and you will get several channels for free. The signals are still broadcast

I am hoping once I get better internet service, I will definitely do the same, bleep Dish Network...

This is a huge decision you may never missed.
Gladly with #steem and all not enough to watch much TV.

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This is a nice money management strategy to cut off excessive spending and and financial waste and by adding what brings values to us @broncnutz

Congratulations to you @broncnutz.

It's right decision👍 we shouldn't pay for air!

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That is why I did not subscribe to any cable provider here in our area. I was thinking that it is not worth it giving them my hard earned money for nothing. We already have internet and some offers free streaming.

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I had to cut my cable also last year. I just have Internet service with the local channels. I'm surprised they can get away with charging so much, with services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon out here. Eventually enough people will cancel and force them to give more reasonable rates.

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I ditched cable years back. Best decision I ever made. Mainly because of the time saved from wasting time watching TV. I use it mostly for local news and Netflix handles the rest of my entertainment needs. The picture quality from an antenna can be excellent. Nowadays, everything is digital.

In the 80s and 90s cable was king. For the last 20 years they have just been begging us to cut.
The situation in North America sucks, 20 years and no improvements. Next they will be crying to the government for public momey.

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Good for you!! I now have cable because I am still on that honeymoon package for 79.00 including high-speed cable. Oh, yes!! I get all the channels and fancy-dancy everything.


I have no time to watch the 200 channels that I get, much less pay for. I bought that set of rabbit ears last month and there is another piece of hardware for the computer that will give me all the stations that I have with cable. Runs nicely too.

So, I ask you... why would I want to keep feeding the greedy cable company? I am all for supporting businesses, but, when the bill is higher for watching television that I don't get to watch, I need to pull the plug. This will be a true DNR.


I am hopeful for a day that you can by only specific channels you like or even better yet.....tokenize everything on TV and just pay by the program or by the day. It just needs to get more efficient.....to much fat on the bone for the big cable companies.

You are presuming they want to work with us (the cable companies) When they charge more for more... I am not as hopeful they will learn how to charge less for less. But, tokenizing... now there is a good idea!

Nice man... I learned a lot of money wisdom stuff when I was staying at your place. You've got me rethinking a lot of shit. I went with zero cable and just internet at my new place!

nice! I found internet for 29.99 with xfinity and im eliminating 155.00 in stupid TV Bills.

Did you see the news from drugwars?

yea...i dont know what to think about it yet.

I'm glad I skipped this one and avoided the headache.

Lets hear you opinion on the new announcement by Drugwars


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I cut the cord two weeks ago... so still in the withdrawal phase. I’m going to have to look into the antenna thing

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Get it to me your cable because it's long time I dream it

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Not much of a need for cable TV these days because of the Internet Sir @broncnutz
It is good that you kicked cable TV out from your Life :D it is just a waste of money with all the media fake news and movie reruns :)

Nice work! We got rid of our cable about 6 years ago and never looked back. We switched over to an android box and got access to the entire internet. Now in the rare occasions that I watch TV at other peoples homes with cable I get insanely frustrated with the commercials. What a waste of time and life. I can literally feel my IQ dropping as I sit through a commercial. I cant believe that I used to watch 22+ minutes of them just to watch 40 minutes of TV!?!!?! I'd never go back to that. I rather go back to only reading books then sit through mindless TV ads.

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sometimes we get bored with bills that we don't pay a little, the best way is the best solution too

Very good fella

.we pay thousands of dollars a year to have cable so that we can be lied to by the press and brainwashed by the government.

Nope, football, the walking dead, Alone, Moonshiners.

guys how r U feeling yourselves in Adsactly?))


I guess quite well))

I left @drugwars discord server after the last change.
No more crap to be read about FUTURE tokens or people insulting without moderation.

Great to see you there today @broncnutz, cheers from Italy ✌️

I just cancelled cable

I think you have done the best to cut the cable

That's the right move