United Airlines Activates Aerial Terrorist Cell, Begins Targeting & Torturing Puppies

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United is probably the worst major airline on the planet. Most who’ve had the displeasure of flying with them probably know this already. There are numerous horror stories reported in media accounts, and I’ve probably heard twice as many similar accounts from family, friends, & colleagues (including one personal horror story involving my wife). That’s why I was shocked to find out that I could still be, well, shocked to learn that United had reached a new low...


In typical United fashion, they apologized, expressed regret, and noted that the flight attendant did not follow their written policies. I’m sure a fancy $75 credit is already en route to the family from the corporate office. Here’s the problem with United’s essentially boilerplate response: A COMPANY’S POLICIES ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS THEIR EMPLOYEES & AGENTS ‘TRAINED’ TO ENFORCE THEM. I’d be willing to bet a shiny bitcoin that if United allowed an outside audit of their training & hiring practices, we’d discover they cut a lot of corners and likely fail on a number of due diligence steps. These events simply occur far too often -- and are far too egregious -- to simply be rogue employees or isolated events. These are symptoms of INSTITUTIONAL ROT.

And this deterioration of basic service and decency isn’t just limited to United. It’s a problem of all the major airlines (in the U.S. at least) as they’ve descended into oligopoly. No need to improve your service when your market share is perpetually safe.

And wouldn’t you know? Not even 24 hours after this nightmare, another United disaster story hits the presses:


This story has some consolation, however: the family in Kansas didn’t get their German Shepherd, but due to United’s f-up, a Great Dane did arrive to their destination in Kansas. And as of the time of this posting, both dogs are believed to be still alive. So...yay?

Also, my headline might a bit aggressive. Do I know that United activated an aerial terrorist cell to target puppies? No, I do not. Can I rule out? No, I cannot. And I will not.

Perhaps it’s because I’m the owner (and best friend) of a French Bulldog, but this one really struck a nerve with me. Thanks for letting me vent.

Now back to your regularly scheduled crypto programming...

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United sucks.


We, the people, demand you post pictures of your Frenchie.

Cosmo says hi! * lick *


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Yeah, but...

Am I the only person who read this and thought how did a bunch of grown-ups think putting a living creature into an overhead locker was a ridiculous idea? I realise that airplane staff wield a fair amount of power post 9/11, but did no-one there think that the dog would be in danger of suffocation and being crushed?

Clearly, UA are culpable because it was a member of their staff who caused this, but it seems to me that there was plenty of stupid going around in that cabin...

I'm sure the mother (and perhaps daughter) are filled with regret. Hard for me to sit in harsh judgment of them, however. A solo parent traveling with a child, baby, and puppy -- and you start facing orders which carry the force of law behind them? Of course, it's easy to say in retrospect that you go scorched earth and risk grounding the flight, being arrested, etc. to protect the dog. I think that becomes a lot tougher when being arrested means you're risking separating yourself from your kids and effectively handing them over to state custody. I'd imagine that possibility becomes even more complicated when you add additional factors like maternal instincts and being a minority in America challenging an authority figure, factors which are tough for me to truly empathize with.

I'd rather direct my energy towards the institutional negligence involved -- which I'd be shocked if was not a dominant factor given United's track record. Of the 24 animals that died on flights in the U.S. last year, 18 of them were on United flights. Of the 15 animals injured, 13 were on United. I'm guessing this isn't just bad luck.

You might be right, but I think you are taking a leap with your logic. Sticking a living creature in an overhead locker is inhumane, and we don't need the power of hindsight to draw this conclusion. I do accept that as I wasn't there, there is some guesswork in my response to this incident. I am sure you would admit the same!

I am probably being a little harsh on the owner, but I can tell you that this wouldn't have happened on my watch.

I am not supporting UA at all. I saw those stats re animals, and they would tend to indicate there is a problem there.

That is so sad to hear. Poor dog :(

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