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RE: E-Waste Recycler Sentenced To Over A Year In Prison For Fixing Old PC’s and Selling Them

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That PR pile of cow manure from Microsloth really makes me upset.

Their actions contradict those words.
Microsloth is the number one creator or e-waste.

Forcing people to upgrade operating systems. Often in direct disregard of the users preferences. Which ends up bricking their system, or making it so slow as to be unusable.

The register fiasco is still going strong. Forcing product creep, and slowing down winders over time. So that people believe that they need a new computer.

Further, the Eric Lundgren couldn't have purchased new licenses. They aren't sold. You can't buy a copy of Windows XP. And you can't load a copy of Winders 10 on these old computers either. So, Microsloth is lying. And their lies run deep.

What we have run into is Microsloth saying, you can't sell your computer, because it doesn't belong to you. Oh sure, you can have the metal box, and the motherboard. But, everything that makes it a computer, it does not belong to you.

John Deer tractors, iPhones, all the new cars, they are not yours. You have only licensed these products. Further, you are not even the master controller of these systems. You are way down at the bottom of the list of who has control over YOUR devices.

Switch to Linux. It is actually easier to install then winders now.
Learn how to use Linux. It will be the best spent time in your life.
Cut Microsloth out of your life, they really are that evil.


Microsoft likes to have it both ways. Is your license a COA sticker attached to the hardware that is no longer valid if you change hardware, or is it a transferable license that belongs to an owner that can be used on whichever single PC you like. They can't have it both ways.

Agree that Linux is a much better option for recycled hardware. Takes any risk of infringing licensing away. Also provides an upgrade path and better security than using an outdated OS like XP.

Linux Mint is still one of the best and most complete options for reasonably spec'd equipment. Also linked Mageia when I had a play with it a while back. Tails is the way to go it you want to keep a low profile. Puppy Linux is a solid option for lower spec'd PC's. For something that runs Windows binaries, ReactOS is a really interesting project.

They are also so many others, and DistroWatch is a great resource to explore.

You forgot free open-source software like GIMP and LibreOffice. That alone is a reason to switch from license gougers like microslop!

You're right, I should have mentioned Libre Office. Excellent alternative to MS Office. I did think of it, but as it's standard in Mint I just left it out.

One project that I didn't think of at the time, but do rate highly and actively use is LibreElec. Just enough OS to run Kodi, and does it very nicely indeed !

Cool. I hadn't heard about LibreElec. I'm gonna check it out.

My exact thoughts on the subject. Linux is free and works just fine. Today's versions and variations of Linux are... Fun and easy to do.

Indeed, too bad he choose to pirate copyrighted software instead of just installing Linux. It was a real asshole move how they launched the virus known as Windows 10 to destroy systems running on XP but not illegal. I miss XP too.

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