so @berniesander just how many fake/multiple steemit accounts do you have? How this guy @berniesanders has any followers at all is beyond me. An ugly old JEW promoting Socialism Slavery for the MASSES while he lives High on the HOG. I still don't forget #berniesanders that you NEVER REALLY WORKED in your life. You had a handful of odd jobs that only lasted a short time before you quite or got fired. Like that time you worked for some PORNO Publication & you AUTHORED an Article about how women like to get RAPED.

Not tru Women do not enjoy getting Raped @berniesanders. That is just YOUR sick Perverted Fantasy. Which I see you've fulfilled by getting yourself elected to CONGRESS, where you RAPE & Fuck over the American Public on a Daily Basis.

All Socialists are degenerate Money Grubbing Power Hinger Little Bitch Ass crybaby pussies. They are people who are WEAK & AFRAID. They are also LAZY. THE LAZIEST MOTHERFUCKERS on planet earth. Who instead of working to CREATE something for themselves, have JEALOUSY & ENVY for the Success of Others.

I know exactly who you are & exactly what your psychological makeup is you filthy sick piece of shit @berniesanders.



Wwwwhhh white people dont know what it is like to be poor....

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No reason to reduce yourself to their level. If this community is not a disgrace to humanity let alone a race then critical thinking will prevail.

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