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RE: DTube - YouTube Vs 420 & The Great Cannabis Purge of 2018

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You are being hit hard?
Just because I said the truth about feminism, islam and religion as a whole, most of my videos were marked as 18+, some were is some sort of purgatory ald almost ALL were demonetized. that is wen I still had my channel.
According to YT science, facts, reason, human anatomy = hate speech because feelings.
I lost 2 accounts 81k and 25k subscribers
On my 3rd account with 40k subs I have 2 strikes:

  • unboxing video
  • saying that fat kid is fat and making few jokes

On my 4th channel I have a strike on a sketch video where 4 versions of me are watching a video, joking and arguing with each other. A 5 year old who does not speak the language can notice that this video is not meant to be taken seriously... Strike for bullying...


ROFL! Ya man, I totally relate. I have 7 channels on Youtube, and almost all of them have been hit.

This is my recent video about feminism, and I won't even bother posting it to youtube.

good on ya

I think the pendulum is swinging away from Youtube. There are more choices now.

I think Youtube believes they will have plenty of... what do you call people that use google, youtube, etc? What do they call us? Anyway I think they believe they can still be successful losing users. It is becoming a huge echo chamber. When that happens they will lose influence they have been exerting on everyone. By censoring particular groups they have exposed themselves as a cult.

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