HPV Vaccine is Dangerous - Exposing the Lie for What it is! Please up-vote and Share this Valuable Information

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This press release shows that in 2003 the FDA knew that the HPV Virus doesn't cause cervical cancer. The FDA's own document called FDA Approves Expanded use of HPV test. Basically the document states that women who get the HPV virus are able to eradicate the virus on their own without the help of vaccines or any other medicine. It is a hoax and another way for the government to scam our hard earned money.


The press release goes on to note that the HPV infection is short-lived and that it is also not associated with cervical cancer. You can go read this for yourselves. I have left the sources down at the bottom. We have all been lied to about this. That we have to give our young girls and women. It is an actual stated fact by the FDA themselves that the vaccine actually increases the probability of increased potential harm. A study done entitled: VR BPA Seed Background Document

What is it Going to Take to Reclaim Your Health?

The thing is, you can't trust ANYONE but yourself. You need to do our own research into everything that involves your health. It is astounding to realize that the actual vaccine to combat diseases are more harmful than the diseases themselves. How do these vaccines come to pass and are able to be injected into us? It is absolutely disheartening to know that doctors and specialists within this field allow this to continue.

FDA Document Explained


Everything is big money we are just little bugs for them. That's why I always say open your mind and find your way. Your intuition is smarter than anything in this crazy world :) Thank you. Nice post :)

I'm down on ANY vaccines, but that's just me.

SAME!!! Here in Canada it is mandatory, you cant even wor at a wendys without them and somehow they have this info when you apply, absolutely rediculous


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