Interesting, Useful or Intrusive? Google tracking Website! Disable Google Tracking Now.. It is EASY!

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When you are asked by a website to accept or use your location service, Google tracks this information. Those of you who have had the same cell phone for a while, that or for that matter at least take your cell phone everywhere you go? Well, Google has this:!1m2!1m1!1s2016-01-20
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This website is where you can look to see your every move is in the form of data and information that is collected about you placed right on a map for all to see. Like did I sign up for this intrusion of privacy? Yeah, apparently we do give up that right when we use Google's products, which is just about all of the conglomerate companies such as, Yahoo!, Outlook and so forth. This is also another way I believe that we are being sensitized about or privacy over security. What do you think? Looking for thoughts and comments :-D

Generic Way to Disable - Go to: Privacy, Settings and the TURN LOCATION OFF.

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