Sandy Hook is Being Re-visited - Who thinks this was a Hoax??!!

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The story of Sandy Hook sure does have its plethora of holes. From the behavior of the parents to the events that unfolded the day before and the day of. How many of you believe that the events that unfolded were actually true? I want to hear some feedback in the comments along with sources to back up your claims.

My Opinion of Sandy Hook Shooting

In my opinion, the events that unfolded at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is a complete farce. I believe that it was a drill put on by FEMA. A few reasons I believe this is because of the sign that said "Everybody Must Sign In" and also because of the behavior that came from the medical examiner and a statement in which he said "I hope that this doesn't come crash on the town of Newtown's heads later."

So, what do you all think??? It has been about five years now since the supposed shooting and a lot of information and evidence has surface. It is nice to see that there are still people out there who care about this and want to expose the truth. My sources are down at the bottom. Hoping to hear from you all soon!
This Video Helped Others Come to Conclusions about Sandy Hook:


There is so much mud in the water and I haven't really taken the time to look into this myself (been busy trying to free myself from the Federal Reserve) but Alex has rarely been wrong and knows what he doing as his old videos really hit their mark on today's situation. I guess my question is has anyone seen the reported victims after the "shooting"?

Nope, I don't think so, I can't find anything and Ive been researching it for sometime now. Watch the video when you get some time it is quite fascinating!

Absolutely, I couldnt agree more with you

100 percent hoax, no one died. All actors!

Yeahhh, certainly appears that way... nobody can come up with believable proof..

I too have looked into this over the years and have seen the data pointing towards it being a hoax. I dont personally have an opinoin one way or the other but look at what a terrible place america has become. Our government is such a monster that its own citizens think (probably with cause) that they would stage something like this. I can envision a future thanks to crypto and blockchain where we will truly be free from this kind of tyranny.

I couldn't agree more!

Definitely a hoax. There is no evidence that anyone was killed or that any shooting actually happened.

LIKE!!! ... I am so waiting for those who say it wasn't to De-bunk it, nothing out there to de-bunk.. biggest fraud in our history!!

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