Extensive Post Reveals Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018 (N.S.F.W.)

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This particular event stands out due to all the laughing and smiling by the main students being promoted as angry anti-gun advocates by the media. It is notable that the mainstream media has quickly embraced a few specific personalities in regards to the Parkland school shooting event. Keep in mind that this is the same media that openly promotes wars overseas and even support for cloaked terrorist groups such as the White Helmets in Syria. Thus, they should always be watched with a skeptical eye as they often misreport the truth and rely on triggering an emotional response from their audience.

Information posted online by the students at Parkland and by other individuals reveals some of these children to be involved with the crafts of acting, reporting and directing movies. This post predominantly deals with material related to Cameron Kasky and David Hogg, although there is a substantial amount of material also related to other individuals who seem to be 'acting' out of character for a tragic event, plus there are links to various articles explaining censorship and conspiracy theories related to such.

Posted for Posterity (Historical Record) due to You Tube, Facebook and Twitter scrubbing this particular video.

Parkland School Shooting Personality David Hogg Can't Remember His Lines / Conversation Seems Scripted

Proof of deletion by major social media organizations is here (screen caps at the link):

Red Elephants website examines the Facebook, Twitter and You Tube purge of posts providing information about David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez that doesn't fit the 'official' narrative: http://theredelephants.com/facebook-youtube-twitter-removing-posts-witness-david-hogg/

Link to Daily Beast article in defense of Hogg which confirms that his father works for the FBI and he lived in California in 2014 - https://www.thedailybeast.com/parkland-teen-survivor-david-hogg-welcomes-the-conspiracy-theories

Additional information related to anomalies with the Parkland shooting students who are appearing on mainstream media channels is archived at the following White Helmets Exposed link:


If the Twitter account should be locked or scrubbed, here are the images cached at the link:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.58.51 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.00.45 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.59.29 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.02.27 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.00.03 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.02.18 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.00.22 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.01.10 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.01.59 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.59.40 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.11.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.01.44 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.58.34 AM.png

Additional images screenshot from David Hogg's mothers open Facebook account show visit to CNN HQ in March 2016:

Link to account:


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.45.02 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.45.22 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.44.05 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.46.18 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.43.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.44.38 AM.png

Link to David Hogg's father Kevin Hogg's Facebook account:


Image from link:

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.12.34 AM.png

More information of father Kevin Hogg (interesting connections to the Deep State/MIC/Shadow government/Surveillance state) -


Image from link above:

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.08.12 AM.png

Wikipedia link for Kevin Hogg's listed employer Cubic Corporation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubic_Corporation

The Nation has the lowdown on Cubic Corporation's former Vice President of Strategic Initiatives retired Lt. General Keith Kellog.

One of Trump’s Top Military Advisers Played a Key Role in the Disastrous Iraq Occupation
Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg has also been an executive at two of the nation’s most notorious intelligence contractors.



Until recently, Kellogg worked as vice president of strategic initiatives for Cubic Corp., which provides ground combat training and other technical support to the Pentagon. Before that, Kellogg was the president of Abraxas, a highly secretive subsidiary of Cubic that was founded by retired CIA operatives.

In 2012, Abraxas was the subject of intense media scrutiny for developing a powerful surveillance tool called TrapWire. According to cables released by WikiLeaks and analyzed by The New York Times, the software could analyze “images from surveillance cameras and other data to try to identify terrorists planning attacks.”

From 2005 to 2009, Kellogg was a top executive with CACI International, one of the companies that supplied interrogators who abused and tortured Iraqi prisoners at the US military prison at Abu Ghraib.

End excerpt -

Cubic Corp and Tripwire lead to Abraxas Corporation:


Excerpt: On the PrivacySos post, published Tuesday, its acknowledged that Cubic has previously been confirmed as operating fare systems for major mass transit programs and Anonymizer, an IP-masked tool described by its publicists as “the leader in consumer online anonymity solutions.”

“If the government's facts are correct, the Abraxas Corporation was managing sales for the TrapWire system at least as recently as February 2011 – meaning Cubic had its hands on both highly sensitive private information on millions of ordinary people and a networked surveillance system sold to governments,” PrivacySOS notes.

In addition to the press release that attempted to distance Cubic from TrapWire, activist and Project PM founder Barrett Brown uploaded a phone call to YouTube he alleged to be between himself and Cubic Corp. Communication Director Tim Hall. In the clip, published August 21, Mr. Hall denied his company’s involvement with TrapWire and also insisted that Cubic has never been tied to Ntrepid, a separate corporation that was awarded $2.76 million worth of taxpayer dollars to create phony Internet “sock puppets” to propagate US support. “There is no connection at all with Abraxas Applications and Trapwire and or Ntrepid,” the man perpetrated to be Hall explains in the clip. Research into the entities, however, led to the discovery of Abraxas Corporation’s tax filings from late 2011, and with it, a common bond: TrapWire Inc. was registered in 2009 to a Margaret A Lee from Virginia, who also served on the Ntrepid board of directors.

-End excerpt -

Thus, we see some very deep and shadowy (publicly available) connections to the Deep State for Cubic Corp which is David Hogg's father's employer. Kevin Hogg's role in relation to the information presented above could be innocuous, however, its important to present it in relation to everything else presented here as it highlights his important Deep State/MIC/Shadow government connections.

Back to Parkland's student actors turned activists -

Sheriff Scott Israel with famous politicians from the U.S. Democrat Party

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.01.24 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.03.17 AM.png

Link to CNN page showing victim images for the 17 individuals specified as deceased in the attack. No extremely dark skinned female is pictured among the images:


Link to Facebook page of Jeff Kasky, father of student Cameron Kasky who has been featured in numerous media appearances since the event, shows that his father posted the image below on December 10, 2017.


Link above features the following post which reveals that Cameron is part of Troupe 4879 according to his own father.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.22.35 AM.png

Link to Troupe 4879 Facebook account shows it is a student theatrical group -


Image from link:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 9.51.09 AM.png

Link to additional Troupe 4879- Mobilizing MSD account (established Saturday, February 17, 2018 -


Account is administrated by Jessica Goodin

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.20.27 AM.png

Link to Jessica Goodin Facebook account:


Screen cap of front page of account shows that Jessica Goodin is a special effects Make up artist at Universal Studios Florida and Faces By Jessica, as well as studying special effects make up at the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.21.24 AM.png

Link to "Faces by Jessica" account:


Images screen captured from open Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.03.02 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.03.58 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.04.19 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.04.29 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.05.00 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.04.48 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.05.23 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.05.56 AM.png

Keep in mind that Jessica, who created the special effects above according to her own Facebook posts is the administrator for Troupe 4879 that Cameron Kasky works for as an award-winning director according to his own father's Facebook post on December 10, 2017, as shown above.

The following image from Stoneman Douglas Drama Club confirms the organizations are one and the same.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 7.00.49 AM.png

Link to Douglas Drama Facebook pages and website:



Looks like a bunch of good kids that would never do anything wrong....well, all except that one in the sailor outfit on the right.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 7.06.00 AM.png

Nothing to see here......these kids could never fake anything.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 7.09.41 AM.png

The next student actor now doing media promotion for the Parkland shooting event is Alex Wind. He has appeared across numerous mainstream media stations in the wake of the event.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.42.05 PM.png

Three examples of him on MSM outlets this past week:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.46.55 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.47.39 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.48.41 PM.png

This is the link to his Facebook page.


Images from his Facebook page reveal him to also be a student actor and a close friend of Kasky.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.43.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.44.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.43.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.44.10 PM.png

Here's where it gets a little more intriguing. Note the two "Stop Joseph Kony" groups on the Facebook page of Alex Wind. That is quite odd because the Kony 2012 campaign was a US State Department misleading propaganda campaign (largely considered to be a psyop) used to expand the presence of AFRICOM in Africa. Kony 2012 was also George Soros funded and Human Rights Watch was involved (another Soros funded organization) in promoting the campaign, as were George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie who helped promote the Invisible Children campaign and charity that was attached to the Kony 2012 campaign. A number of other celebrities also endorsed the awareness campaign against Kony, including Justin Bieber, Bill Gates, Christina Milian, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Ellen Page, taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest.

Now guess who helped head up the Kony2012/Invisible Children campaign for the US State Department? None other than Brennan Gilmore who was the main media personality/witness for the Charlottesville car incident in summer 2017. Thus, it is quite an interesting coincidence that these Kony2012 groups are the only groups (aside from a family genealogy group) on the Facebook page of Alex Wind, student actor and one of the lead media promoted personalities for the Parkland shooting event.

I put together 2 posts on the Charlottesville event and main media personality Brennan Gilmore in summer 2017.
Link here:

Lucky State Dept Rep Who Ran Psy Op Kony Campaign in Africa Happens to Film Charlottesville Attack - Promoted By Media and Linked To Soros


Charlottesville Attack Lead Media Personality is Assistant to Tom Perriello, Founder Of Avaaz Linked to Regime Change in Syria and Libya


Onto the next student chosen by the media to discuss the Parkland shooting and antigun issues - Delaney Tarr

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.56.05 PM.png

Link to Facebook account of Delaney Tarr (image above), the 4th student personality being showcased by the mainstream media in the wake of the Parkland school shooting event reveals that she also has previous experience acting in front of the camera:


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.56.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.57.14 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.57.38 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.58.17 PM.png

Link to other student witness statements that include anomalies related to the February 14, 2018 school shooting. Also included is a clip of CNN's crying FBI anti-terrorism agent.

Multiple Shooters Participated in Florida School Shooting According to Eyewitness Alexa Miednik




Statement from Florida School Shooting Witness Contradicts Official Version of Listed Deceased Victims


CIA Terrorism Expert Cries on CNN During Wolf Blitzer Interview About Florida School Shooting


Deterring Bullets - Florida School Shooting Victim States She Used Book to Deter Bullets From Hitting Her


Heart Radio Show - Looks Like FL Student David Hogg Is Being Coached


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.40.48 PM.png

Another student from Florida High School shootings states there was more than one shooter.

Father Caesar Figueroa interviewed on CBS states " A gun armed drill supposed to be today and supposedly the shooter, he was wearing a vest with a red shirt. I overheard cops tell it on the radio. He's in the 1200 bldg."

Lift The Veil channel highlights the media now covering the active shooter drill that was taking place at the school. This looks a lot like damage control.

So there you have it, they just happened to be running a bunch of active shooter drills that day and wearing lots of gory makeup and a crazy kid who looks comatose just happened to show up at the school and shoot a bunch of people for real and then they just happened to fortunately be a bunch of student actors that had well rehearsed lines about how angry they are about guns, except when they were caught smiling for the photo shoots, of course. And then they just luckily became media darlings, you know, that same US media that hate guns for American citizens, but never met a war it didn't like :), or a child to exploit and promote their nefarious agenda. (The Niyarah "babies thrown from incubators" fake testimony comes to mind).

So now these acting students turned political activists for "March for Our Lives" are off on the talk show and nationwide rally circuit backed by Hollywoods millionaires such as George Clooney (White Helmets promoter - the White Helmets are terrorists posing as rescuers by the way), Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and others Hollywood elitists.....all to help rid America of its guns and give them up to the government........a government led by a man that the so called 'left' refers to as a modern day Hitler. Hmmmm.....somethings not quite adding up here. Oh well, maybe their next performance will be more realistic.


Now if you've read this far and still believe that the mainstream media could never lie to you on such a large scale, check out the next post full of deceptive fellas George Clooney states are hero's to humanity and wants to make a movie about........ and get yourself fully red pilled.

Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group




Caveat: All information above, and my opinion derived from such, was acquired through postings conducted online by the individuals mentioned within the material and other researchers. I leave it up to diligent citizens to judge for themselves the validity of the aforementioned material and my opinions in regards to such, as is their right. This information is posted as a public service. Sometimes true patriotism requires dissent and revealing that which the PTB would prefer remain in the shadows. I subscribe to the philosophy of USMC General Smedley Butler and believe war is a racket, a rich man's trick. I am a Marine Corps vet (1st Battalion, 6th Marines, 2nd Mar Div) who loves America and hopes to help save lives of innocent people and my brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces during this time of wars of deception and false flags (White Helmets). I believe my posts here at Steemit and my Clarity of Signal Wordpress site are very important for humanity right now and recommend people get red pilled and research these issues thoroughly themselves.

Link to condensed version of this post featuring just student actor aspects:




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Butterfly Effect: Steemit's Resident Troll (Developer) @sneak Soft-Censored Me Today

I thought you might be interested in the above, seeing as how @sneak censored this post too. There will be a MEME contest coming soon, and I'll be giving away 10.00 SBD to the winner!

what a fantastic idea!

Please don't spam the post (as you have posted this 3 times throughout the comments here and below). I believe in free speech and your right to express your opinion, however I would prefer that your multiple posts do not distract from this important subject matter related to the incident at Parkland.

Nobody Died. Nobody Cried. A Drill Sold As Real by the MSM. A fake event from front to back. Watch how all the "alt media" personalities and the conspiriTARDS on youtube will divert attention into red herring subjects like Russian Bots / multiple shooters / "online bullying". Anything except allowing the discussion to land on "Did kids actually die, or not?". They show their weak spot by what they won't let you talk about.

Dear Christopher,

Outstanding job on this post and so sorry it got somewhat censored (it doesn't appear in your feed). I resteemed it nonetheless and it does appear on my feed (although at first it didn't fully)

I knew something was fishy about the Florida shooting when I saw that video of the blond girl saying she had just spoken to the shooter and was laughing. It just wasn't right, seemed scripted; so I had commented about this somewhere.

You did outstanding work on this post to reveal the whole charade as nicely as you did with the White Helmets extensive post. Well done my friend!

It is obvious that the Deep State is highly embedded with the MSM, and most notably with CCN & MSNBC. But it goes way deeper than that as can be attested by yet another (probably one of tens of thousands) of compromised "so-called" journalists like Olivia Solon of the Guardian (see corbettreport's open letter to her - which includes my own that I had sent to her a few days prior also mentioning your fine investigative work on the White Helmets in the comments section of that post).

It is, therefore, quite obvious that the MSM is pushing Deep State agendas (not only that Trump is the enemy, but there are so deeply pushing for gun control now).

One must ask: why? and look at the BIGGER PICTURE. So here it is,

There is an imminent financial/markets crash (and we are talking 50 to 75% or more). This will fleece and wipe out the masses (via investment losses, bail-in losses, pension losses,etc. ) And the Deep State thieves who will be looting this money know that the population will be pissed. And an armed population is one that is dangerous to them.

So, that is why they are pushing this anti-gun agenda so aggressively. They want peoples' guns at all costs.

BTW, if you are looking for a new villain to expose I suggest Jeff Zucker - the current President of CNN, as he is obviously a significant Deep State tool.


These Deep State operatives are the most despicable and nefarious of TRAITORS. It's time that we root out these rats and cockroaches by shining BIG BRIGHT LIGHTS on them!

I'm with you buddy!

Thanks Dan. At this point in time they are obviously quite panicky about something very large and it seems nothing is going right for them. I think this is what happens when you choose evil over good. Constant false flags and manipulation/gaslighting over choosing the harder high road that leads to real growth and harnessing of the best of human potential. Things backfire. It looks to me like they are trying to use what little momentum / smoke and mirrors they have gathered from the quick student campaign to roll out a new youth based US gun grab agenda while at the same time rekindle the Syria campaign via the UN today with another White Helmets (al-Nusra/al-Qaeda) false information psyop based around the Damascus enclave of Ghouta where US backed 'rebels' (read al-Qaeda) are firing mortars onto civilians and blaming the Assad government for bombing them. The Guardian UK is once again leading this propaganda campaign and its sickening to see as the White Helmets are exploiting children and infants as usual. People like George Monbiot of the Guardian, Eliot Higgins (Atlantic Council/Bellingcat) and Michael Weiss (Daily Beast) are back to their usual pathetic misreporting and support for these murderers. For people wanting to learn more, I recommend checking out WhiteHelmetsExposed on Twitter. https://twitter.com/WhiteHelmetsEXP

As far as Jeff Zucker goes, I haven't ever really paid attention to him, but I'm sure the creep level is high, no doubt. He's likely working for another government as it seems many in our media are these days. Hence their projection of their own crimes onto Russia. Deflection. They control the big 6 media corps and constantly push the obvious divide and conquer agenda on the American people.

The elite have constantly propped themselves up by always robbing the masses so if a big stock market crash does come again I think people need to realize its time to quickly form a new government and not become reactionary. I would hope that a new party could be formed before that takes place, one that takes all the current problems into consideration and helps bring Americans together around the common goal of exposing these issues that the elite have used to divide us and enrich themselves through perpetual war and chaos. Thats a big challenge considering how massively these tools have infiltrated all branches of the government, media, corporate world, think tanks, financial arena, etc. But it can be done if people get off their butts. It due to good people doing nothing that we have ended up where we are now.

It due to good people doing nothing that we have ended up where we are now.

You said it! Like those 99% so-called "good people" twats in the FBI.

Thanks for your reply my friend.

Sorry for the late reply on this one Christopher. I have a few outstanding resources for you that you can can perhaps use in this dossier:

1 - Article: Broward County Officials Opened 66 Investigations Of Misconduct Under Sheriff Israel, URL: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-27/broward-county-officials-opened-66-investigations-misconduct-under-sheriff-israel

2 - Video: Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting (by Black Pilled):

3 - Video: Dana Loesch Speech CPAC 2018:

Note that there were other notable speakers at this conference; so check out the list of names: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=CPAC+2018+speeches

Thanks for all this Dan. Interesting stuff. Will definitely be looking at it today.

Interesting indeed....

Of course that shooting was staged ... not the first or last one. So many of these have happened already. I don't even watch the news, so this kind of stuff is just fake, as you've shown in your extensive analysis.

Very thorough as I've come to expect from you. Resteemed. Also thanks for telling me about it in a reply. I likely would have missed it otherwise.

A lot of this I was aware of too, but a lot of it is also new to me. Thanks for your efforts.

Thanks @dwinblood. If more important info comes in I will also add it to it. I just stumbled on your perception piece and it is also something I have been thinking a lot about lately. Our perceptions of reality and how we deal with shattered illusions in this surreal propaganda, censorship and surveillance age. Kind regards. On edit: I just added new information about student actor Alex Wind.


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Fuck off with your flat earth spam already.

When the narrative started to unravel in the Las Vegas shooting as news started coming out about multiple shooters and other people involved the story vanished. Once people start to poke holes in this story I'm sure it's going to go away as soon as it started.

Yep, its already falling apart. They've overplayed their hand once again. Now they are in damage control mode, just like after Vegas. So the MSM is bringing out the kids FBI agent dad for interviews now while his vid from LA is trending #1 on You Tube this morning. In other words, people are seeing through the bullshit. Often you can tell the bullshit by the way the Clooney wind is blowing.

Thanks for compiling this for everyone. I think it could help people that actually believe what they see on tv. As for myself as soon as I heard about it I just assumed things were not as they appeared. Once I saw how quickly the anti gun message was prepped and pushed by the reported victims, I knew that it was staged, whether it was a hoax or a F.F. I couldn't tell you. I just don't believe the "fear mongering" anymore. To many of these have been faked, after learning that the [email protected] spent just under $.5 billion on fake terrorist videos, nothing is believable. At least not until a massive amount of independent sources confirm it, and it holds up to scrutiny. The fact that scrutiny of this "event" is being censored, just proves that it is unable to hold up against it.

Oh BTW don't worry your pretty little heads about ol Kimmy Nuking you. It's all theater, smoke and mirrors nothing more. The goal is to get us scared, that way we will gladly give up out freedoms. Don't buy it.

I'm not sure whether FF or hoax, but I do think MIHOP. One thing that could be a major factor determining what really happened is the body of the very dark skinned girl that is in the chaotic video showing supposed victims. The video reminds me of videos I have seen of the White Helmets in Syria when they conduct a staged chaotic scene and act it all out. Keep in mind those White Helmets fake videos are then promoted by western media outlets across the board. (This is intentional. They MSM knows full well they are fake.)The MSM are 100% in on the White Helmets psyop. They are using the terrorists posing as rescuers for propaganda purposes and regime change in Syria and they are working in collusion with the US shadow government to do so. Thus, it is always prudent to be suspicious of how the media rolls out an across-the-board narrative. One should look closely at the video clips they choose to provide to the public via the MSM, how they edit them, the length of the clip in regards to possible overall footage, the blurring out of certain features, camera shakiness within the footage, what is missing in consideration of normality/priorities, etc.

I think it is important to figure out the identity of the dark skinned female lying on the floor in this Live Leak video.

Stoneman High School Shooting - Social media video of various shooting victims in the classroom and hallway


Note that the dark skinned female is receiving no medical attention and there is what appears to be a significant amount of blood beside her. No blood splatter on the wall is apparent. If you freeze the video at the 32 second mark you can see that the blood on the floor is swirled with whiteness, appearing smeared (disturbed). Possibly the body was rolled over previously. It is not an unaffected red pool of blood. There is also a small clear space between the legs and the blood. She is not moving and her head is angled sideways. At the beginning of the clip two Broward County police officers carry a female, who appears to have no noticeable injuries (no blood seen), out of the room while leaving the non-moving victim with the serious injury on the floor. If the person is alive, such a large amount of blood should normally lead to "prioritization" in regards to necessity to save lives on the part of the police officers. The only proper reasons the police officer should leave the heavily injured female is 1) she is already dead or 2) she is alive but moving her could exacerbate her injuries (possibly damaged spine, internally shot or applied torniquet -her clothes do not show a torniquet). However, if that is a serious gunshot wound to the leg she should be getting a blood transfusion as soon as possible. Thus, she would likely take priority over others.

The second police officer actually isn't carrying the seemingly uninjured victim. Instead he is simply holding his right arm up for a few seconds as if he were helping carry her, when in actuality he is not. Then he runs off camera at the 18 second mark. Thus, this begs the question " why did they leave the dark skinned female on the floor?" "Was she already dead and the other girl simply was their priority?" After that the camera shakes back and forth as the students run out of the classroom behind the police, (camera quickly pans to the female on floor) and the students run past her leaving her behind also (one female wearing no shoes). She is left unattended.

Now note as they leave the classroom and file out through the door at the 38 second mark in the video there is a police officer facing towards them standing against the wall holding weapon at chest height position (barrel facing left). What is he doing there? Is he just monitoring their exit? Why? This stands out to me as evidence that the girl must be considered as deceased, otherwise he would be attending to her instead of doing what he is doing which appears to be simply standing there monitoring their exit while holding a weapon.

As I mentioned in the large post above, CNN's page showing the 17 victims appears not to have a dark skinned female amongst the victims, thus, the next logical question to ask is "who was this girl?" "why did the police leave her there?" "If she was seriously injured and not deceased, why did the police not prioritize her due to her apparent injuries?" "Was there the possibility she could have bled out while left unattended?" "Where is the rest of the earlier edited out footage filmed by the person holding the camera?". The earlier footage would help get to the bottom of these questions. Note also that another student in the video is filming with their phone also and showing to another student.

Buzzfeed has some other images of the victims. I still could not find a female with that dark of skin amongst the images. Listed victim had the darkest skin but judging from her image, not that dark.


Buzzfeed has Facebook link to this image of Helena Ramsey. The hairstyle looks similar to the victim on the floor, but the skin seems lighter. May be her.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.22.24 AM.png

My personal thoughts on this, would be that it was a hoax. Being that I'm unable to know that for any sort of certainty, I allow room for FF. When people say that they knew someone who died at one of these "events" I'm not going to call them a liar, because I don't have first hand knowledge of it. Unless they are showing signs of "dupers delight" or are laughing then switch into acting mode immediately before addressing the press(like the one S-Hook father).

Calling people liars without hard evidence is not going to help people free their minds, but rather usually will grant sympathy for the would be liar. This usually just disengages peoples critical thinking and replaces it with emotional feelings. Emotions are much easier to manipulate than logic and reason. This is why I attempt to remain open minded and non judgmental, in my attempt to free the shackled minds.

I'm still not sure what to think. So much of it is surreal. Student Samantha Grady who stated that she deterred (deflected) bullets with a tiny book has now had another interview in which she states she was hit in the chest with bullet fragments. Yet she was doing an interview the day after the shooting.

Here's that second interview:


Screen cap for proof in case it is removed-

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.37.15 PM.png

This link explains the connection between Samantha Grady and Helena Ramsay ( now showing that is likely her on the floor in the pic above). The tiny book that deters bullets story is also in this article.


In the CNN interview at the New Day link Samantha Grady states " I'm doing well, my injuries, err, I was shot twice. I was grazed in my back and a bullet ricocheted into my chest. Um, then there's fragments there and what not".

That interview is at the 7:05 mark in this lengthy segment on CNN gun control.

I also found something else very interesting on Samantha Grady. She added someone to the Troupe 4879 -Mobilizing MSD Club Facebook page on February 21, 2018. This means that she is involved with the drama club at the school also.

Here's that image and link:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.53.22 PM.png


Thus, it looks like in order to make it into the mainstream media's antigun campaign the job requirement is 1) be a member of the schools drama club, 2) have prior acting, reporting or filming experience and 3) attend holocaust class.

Regular students who just do history and other subjects need not apply.

The person she added to the Drama Group is Steve Corin who is the brother of another media rolled out student Jaclyn Corin.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.14.14 PM.png

This is Jaclyn Corin on the Ellen Degeneres Show on February 23rd. She is on the left.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.16.54 PM.png

If they are on the Ellen show, do you need any more evidence that things are not what they seem?


This wasn’t the first school shooting or mass shooting this year let alone the last few years. It’s been increasing in frequency and deaths per shooting. This is something the whole country has been thinking about stopping for a long time. The fact everyone has been thinking about this for a while is probably why their thoughts about acting on it are so concise & “prepped” like you say. The main thing people are suggesting are bans on assault rifles and tighter regulations on being allowed to own a firearm.

You are correct sir. This is also not the first "event" that did not align with the official narrative. To be frank I don't recall a recent mass shooting(or even Bombing) that I believe went down the way that it was reported to have. Far to many fall on days/weeks that training scenarios were publicly announced then recanted. (Even during nine11 there was a massive war game scenarios where terrorist were hijacking planes to ram into building. This caused all the active duty military at the time to assume that the distress calls were part of the "war game." I let people come to their own conclusions, it just helps when we know the actual facts. Not just what the propaganda machine puts out.)

As concerning a ban on "assault rifles," this ban would be one on the "look" of a weapon and not the functionality of it. In relation to "tighter regulations on being allowed to own a firearm," at least in the US, the opposite seems to be more effective. Look at D.C. after banning all handguns from law abiding citizens, the violent crime and murder rate exponentially rose. On the contrary the state with the most lack gun laws Alaska has had no mass shootings, the few gun fatalities in that state are usually resulting from excessive alcohol consumption and not premeditation.

These mass shootings, if they are in fact happening as they say are always in "gun free zones." I don't recall any events occurring in open/concealed carry areas. It's always in places that guns are prohibited. If we truly wanted to be effective in gun control it's simple. A trained and armed populace, will prevent these events in the future, also violent crime would drop to near zero. But that is just my opinion based on logic, historically events, and human nature.

The truth is many people are afraid of firearms, because they know nothing about them. I would recommend everyone when presented with the opportunity, to experience firing one. They are merely a tool, albeit a very effective and deadly tool. They can kill and they can stop killers, it's all in the hands of the user. I'm just very uncomfortable with the "state" being the only one who is authorized to use them. It was an effective means in to prevent opposition in pre-WWII Germany. I'd rather not see that happen again.

Maybe you are more trusting of the media than I am. Have you heard about the White Helmets scam where the US media and Hollywood are promoting al-Qaeda in Syria as rescuers of little kids? Thus, I think it prevalent to ask serious questions whenever the MSM is pushing a coordinated well prepared propaganda campaign, particularly one that results in the US citizenry losing their ability to defend themselves from a nefarious government that has been deceiving them in relation to matters related to war, psychological operations, propaganda and censorship.

Please get yourself red-pilled and then once your aware that the media is not your friend we can have a serious discussion as to these matters and as to why a citizenry may want to stay armed in case its own government turns against them. Hence the reason the 2nd Amendment is in the US Constitution.

Lets hope it never comes to that, but that is what it is there for. Foreign agents, for example Israel's Mossad, could, hypothetically, infiltrate the US government and media and sow chaos, propaganda, deflection and wars. Cui bono?

Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group


Hollywood's elitists (read Zionists) have nominated al-Qaeda for a second Oscar at the Academy Awards on March 4, 2018 for the documentary "Last Men in Aleppo". Scott Pelly and the 60 Minutes gang can't get enough of defending these terrorists.


Now Playing on Dtube: Hollywood Caught Exploiting Eight Year Old Daughter of Terrorist in Syria For Women's Empowerment Movement at Oscars 2018 Ceremony



Great post, upvotes, resteemed and shared to almost 7000 people on twitter. Peace! ...thanks for trying to uncover the MUCH NEEDED truth!

Thank you for spreading the info around. All of us working together to get this important info out is much needed right now.


Join our FEN MEMBERS DISCORD channel.
Discuss these things REAL TIME. Help us BREAK through their wall of lies.

Please no more spamming with this comment. I respect your right to free speech even if I may disagree or may not disagree with it. Just post one only time to get your point.

I don't know how anyone can even begin to believe anything on the T.V. programs any more. It's been obvious for a while now that the stuff is either completely faked OR False flags every time. That said, there is obviously still a need for posts like this, so good job!

Thanks @erinn. Here's an example of one easily provable MSM psyop that took place last year. The research was conducted using the individuals own Facebook page and images he uploaded to it himself. This shows the level that the Deep State/media are willing to go to with lying to the American people. Up is down and down is up, and those behind the media are doing this completely intentionally.

Father of Invention: Media Portrayed Grief Stricken Dad Turns Out To Be al-Nusra Front Terrorist


Yeah, I remember that one! I just saw someone who watches Faux Snooze, watching Faux Snooze and they were babbling on the Program about Trumpity Trump and how he's doing 'whatever' against gun rights, and blah blah (cuz I saw it coming a long time ago)... and I said to the person that there was all kinds of evidence that it was either a hoax or a false flag all over the internet... (I knew the person was not going to get past the mercury filled flouride stare , but I did it anyway just because...) The person says to me "I think it's pretty scary how you can just read something on the internet and believe it!" ROFL SMH. Yep the only people I know who 'get' it are pretty much ON the internet...

Keep sharing maybe it will help wake up some more people! Fingers crossed!

So many videos get censored by youtube it's almost worth snagging them and reuploading them to DTUBE before they are censored so they can't be censored.

I noticed another one just gone. I will try to find another copy and upload to Dtube. You Tube/Google is definitely scrubbing them fast. (Folks need to keep in mind that Google/Eric Schmidt is actually run by the shadow government. There is significant evidence proving collaboration with the government online.) Here's some screenshots I just took.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.58.31 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.58.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.59.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.01.47 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.02.58 PM.png

An example of the censorship from Scott Creighton at AmericanEveryman channel who had his video scrubbed for asking questions about the Parkland event.

David Seaman was suspended for Two Weeks for same topic on Youtube. He decided to move to bitchute and DTUBE and say screw Youtube for good.

Thank you so much for putting this together. This video of the active shooter drill is extremely disturbing. I've been a part of active shooter drills at schools. They entailed closing and locking doors and remaining in the room instead of opening doors until given the all clear. Active shooter drills do not entail putting special effects wound makeup on kids, having them scream, and shooting them with blanks. No school in their right mind does that.

Thanks for the video @angelfish. I added it to the thread.

I just wrote a satire piece about this totally false flag event. Check it out! I'm just about to sit down and read your long post now and do some digging. But google is not bringing up anything. I googled the name Samantha Grady crisis actor to see what others have written about her and nothing comes up. It's like I'm the only one out there in the whole world who thinks she was a crisis actor. Not. Google filtering all my searches. What did come up was liberal media followed by liberal media. Tons and tons of stuff about gun reform. https://steemit.com/news/@momword/how-to-do-a-tv-news-interview-after-being-shot-in-a-school-shooting-in-9-simple-steps

Thanks for that. Good points. Checking them out now.

Wow! How sad the lengths to which the media and it's manipulation goes. Reminds me of the movie The Truman Show, where Jim Carey's character is all scripted and he finds out everything is fake.

Great work on documentation! I'm so sick of the media and this is precisely the reason I don't watch TV or the news.

@sneak, check out this conspiracy theory.

Exposing “The Last Men in Aleppo” (Hollywood's Deception) – FSA Terrorist Psyop and Oscar Nominated Propaganda Campaign


Odd how @bloom is the main upvoter of your posts, and he was also the guy going after @sarahabed for reporting the truth about US media lies on Syria. The company we keep. Sarah also helped make the Steemit community aware of this downvoting/hiding posts censorship back when it was occurring. Here's a link to her discussion on the subject for interested readers.


This is just one amazing post of mind blowing info. Personally, I think that they do really carry out murder and mayhem in these shootings, so that it can be as real as possible to the viewers who consume the propaganda. The real victims don't get a voice, or camera time. A combination of that as well as scripted, manipulated and carefully selected participants and propaganda designed to fool the viewer into promoting the real agenda. Although who really knows in the end what's actually happening. I do wonder however, where does the footage that exposes some of the obvious fraud come from? How does that get out into the social media realm? It amazes me that it's not even more controlled, to hide every single trace or exposure of the fraud. Maybe I'm missing something.

@clarityofsignal You have definitely done your homework! Well done, upvoted and resteemed.

I believe this entire event was staged to distract us from the inter-agency gunfight at the NSA at Ft. Meade.


Thanks @nathanpieters. Will look into the Ft. Meade event. Was unaware of it till now.

There was a shootout between FBI agents in Philadelphia last fall as well. All sources have been scrubbed.

Excellent and exhaustive. Well done my friend.

I'm glad to see more people come out and write about these subjects. It's sad, but nowadays when I hear 'shooting' or 'terror attack' I don't even take it seriously anymore. I wrote a piece about this event too a couple of days ago. The latest that I've seen now was that interview they did with one of the 'victims' who received a phone call from Trump. She said: 'those....the shooter.' They don't even try to hide it anymore or edit it out....it's crazy. I resteemed and now you have a new follower. Thanks for this.

Glad this just became "visible" again, even while I was reading it. Which makes me glad this community is still (or so it would appear) open to differing viewpoints.

Wow! What a great post! This must have taken a ton of work. Great investigative journalism. The best post on Steemit. Resteemed.

Thanks. A lot of people are finding this material very informative at this point in time. The post has now amassed almost 23,000 views. Now, it seems the media is starting to acknowledge these activist students are all from the drama department of the school. This late acknowledgement looks to me like a form of damage control due to the fact none of the school drama groups acting roles were disclosed by the media earlier, only student actors seem to have been chosen by the MSM for appearances and CNN has now even used the drama clubs singing group to push the anti-gun agenda during their recent townhall event.

Note how this attached article addresses the student actor issue which has come under heavy questioning by the discerning public by basically stating that people should not be surprised that student actors are involved because they are such impressive people.

More research is needed on this issue and I think the mainstream media needs to be seriously questioned on how they have managed to seem to only pick student actors for their activist spots. Who is coordinating all these interview spots? Who is the liaison between the students and the corporate media? Is the liaison school personnel, an outside entity or a parent? Is the corporate media colluding across the board on this agenda with the liaison and using the same liaison to the students for all their spots? Are the students individually represented by an agency or individual that provides these specific activist interviews? Or is it an innocuous coincidence and the students from the drama department all just happen to be coming forth on their own to request interviews with the MSM while other students from other departments are not? Why is there this drama department lopsidedness? And why were the students chosen career paths not revealed earlier in interviews?


Thanks. You are doing some great work here, exposing the seriously underhanded chicanery and shenanigans the deep state are employing. The actors they do use are always so bad - there is always a laugh or giggle as they look away from the camera, lying through their back teeth. They are being exploited by what can only be described as human garbage! The link you included above did not work. The page was slow to load and then just wouldn't open. No doubt they are reading everything being put out.

Thanks again. The link is still working for me, but did take ages to load.

Great write up man! We Americans need to help wake up more of the masses.

Up voted and resteemed. Great job @clarityofsignal!


You keep fighting that good fight, getting the word out about your lies and shaming kids who just got to watch their friends get murdered.

You are doing yourself no favors when it comes to professionalism. Now Playing on DTube: White Helmets Terrorist Links Exposed Fully [Graphic!] (Tapestry of Terror)



I think you may want to make a slight correction: I believe the firstname of the traitorous sheriff is Scott (Israel) rather than Joe. Unless you wanted to label him as such.

corbettreport has a post about him: Sheriff Wants Power to Detain Over Social Media Posts - #NewWorldNextWeek


Changed it Dan, thanks for the heads up. That Corbett Report is important watching as it looks like the sheriff is advocating for arresting people against their will and detaining them without habeas corpus simply for their social media postings. Things are really looking like Orwell's 1984 and the former Soviet Union once they go down that road.

Why are you linking youtube vids, they are already getting scrubbed.
I hope someone backed those up, I didn't get to see them. I will back up what's left.
Also, you note that a CBS broadcaster is the one exhaling in the video with Ceasar Figueroa, when as indicated by the huge difference in audio levels, it is actually the person recording the video, also producing the very loud plastic crinkling noises and such. This is an important detail that you should correct.

I will correct it as it is speculative. Thanks @gurudeva I also didn't have time to DTube all the vids. I did add a few to DTube already which are attached to the end of the post.

Keep up the hard work. It's important.

Awesome article! You should also go check out @fakenewsreport he’s doing similar work to you.

Included on today's @newsagg headlines.

awesome! thanks for posting it here where it cannot be deleted! meme4.jpg

Read this and you'll realize why staged events and all this media hype and propaganda like this are perfectly legal and will only increase now: http://foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/14/u-s-repeals-propaganda-ban-spreads-government-made-news-to-americans/

Excellent post and this is a perfect example of why decentralized social media needs to rise and dominate over all of these corporate cess pools of censorship and propaganda.

Thanks @anarcho. Steemit definitely has an opportunity to help bring truth to light. I just hope the small bugs and problems related to whales hiding posts can be dealt with so that people can fully trust the platform. I have dealt with problems related to such since I placed this post in the blockchain.

On a separate note, Steemit also helps bring truth seekers together and with that in mind I wanted to share this post from Dan Dicks at Press For Truth who has a great video up revealing new information from a teacher who saw the shooter and the description doesn't match what we've been told about the alleged teen gunman. Link here:

DTube - BREAKING: Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Official Narrative Is Falling Apart -a teacher who survived the attack explained that she saw a shooter dressed in full metal gear including a helmet, face mask and body armor, raising more questions about who was actually involved.


Excellent work putting all of this information together. I've heard of active shooter drills, but not the kind where make up is applied to crisis actors. Usually, they have the children run to a corner of the class room and all the children huddle together. Obviously, this would make targeting the kids far easier for a shooter.

best post of today.. different place to collect metirial and post in single post very good job ....keep it up

Wow... Just wow! I'm stunned that the left would go to these messages and such antics... But really, I wouldn't put ANYTHING past them any more! Thank you for taking the time to put this together! Certainly nothing that will ever get close to showing up in the mainstream media. Thanks again for your work!!!

The quality of Americas false flag fake shootings is hitting new lows...

This makes me really angry. I would like to know more! What is wrong with this world!

thank you for such an in dept report. For those that are still believers in the government will one day finally wake up and this information will be available to them. For those that are already awake this just gives them more information to add to the already massive amount of information they have. Knowledge is power and with it here it will always be here. Not like other platforms that repeatedly remove content. And for this I want to thank you!!!!!!

Cyber Battleship MSM the first generation.
Impressive how you lined this all up. Looks like these kids have a bright future in MSM-land if they manage to keep the secrets under the carpet.

Steemit member @sneak has censored this entire post from the Steemit community. Every important image has been hidden by @sneak from possibly one of the most revealing posts ever shared at Steemit. I need help waking up the Steemit community to this blatant censorship about the Parkland school shooting event.

The post is still accessible, but you have to click on a "Show" button at the top of the article to display it. Similar story for all the images, with a "show" button at the bottom of the post (to the right of the "Images were hidden due to low ratings" warning). I don't think anything on SteemIt can be truly censored, just flagged

Thanks ever so much for your helpful reply @cattledog. I found the buttons and now can see the post and images myself. Just curious, does everyone who clicks on the post have to do the same thing to see it all or will they be unaware and likely not know? Any additional help is appreciated. Kind regards.

When the overall balance of vote power is negative for a post it becomes partially censored in this way, but remains visible in the blockchain and once users elect to view the details by clicking 'show'. Whey exactly Sneak chose to do this, I don't know - but making such a move without even bothering to explain your actions - especially as the HEAD DEVELOPER FOR STEEMIT INC. - seriously damages Steemit Inc's reputation in my mind. Many people here, myself included, value Steemit for it's transparency and offering of a valid alternative to heavily censored and controlled networks such as Fakebooc and Gurgle+. If we see the same patterns of control and censoring occurring here from within Steemit Inc. we will be pushed closer to taking steps to make alternative arrangements.

Thanks @ura-soul. The post has come open again now and the images are visible thanks to @onceuponatime giving it an up vote. So now the vote power has moved it back into full visibility. I was just chatting with @dwinblood in the other post and he states that it is possible @sneak gave it a hide because it didn't have N.S.F.W. attached to it. That may be the case, but I will not know because I wasn't informed by them, it was simply hidden, and when material of this type is suddenly hidden one can only be a bit worried as to why.

Maybe @sneak will chime in here and explain it. If he does, I'll be glad to adjust things accordingly and make it right so he doesn't feel the need to give it a hide. I wasn't aware he was the head developer and I do appreciate the Steemit platform. I am just very wary of censorship these days as I have been censored on so many other social media platforms, comment sections and discussion groups.

Having stated all that, I do think Steemit would be wise to address the hide post issue more fully and allow people to properly remedy a situation before a whale just sinks your boat. Thanks for your helpful response.

You are welcome. Given that I have scanned the post and don't see anything that I would class as NSFW, I find that explanation unlikely. If it were for that issue, as you point to, the issue should be highlighted clearly by sneak to prevent it occurring again.

REsteemed BECAUSE @sneak flagged.

I can’t stand an inept CTO.

The problem is you and I may not classify it as NSFW. Yet it does have some graphic wound images.

I saw them, thought some people might react to them and shrugged it off.

I've realized what I think doesn't matter. So if I ever find myself thinking someone might find this violent or sexual image NSFW then I'll put the flag there just to remove that as an excuse.

Since @sneak didn't say anything I don't know if this is the case.

Yet that is my litmus test for my own posts. "Hmmm.... might someone think this image is NSFW?" If I find myself even pondering that question I just use the NSFW tag.

If I think that will limit my visibility I'll do two posts. One with the NSFW content, and one without and I'll cross link to the NSFW one from the non-NSFW one.

Because, even if this isn't why it was flagged. It'd be very easy for them to say it is.

That is simply the only thing I could think of to see them reach out for.

You are right that the head programmer doing this without any explanation especially on a post that it is obvious a lot of work went into is not a good thing at all.

I agree that the NSFW-ness of a post is subjective - however, it needn't be something that results in confusion, flagging for NSFW is of no value without actually explaining that to be the cause.

In this case the images aren't even real wounds, they are known imitation injuries - how many jobs would be concerned with us looking at makeup? or even real wounds anyway!?

Fully agreed

This post has now been viewed 38,065 times - as of March 6th, thus placing it in the Steemit top 100 posts of all time at 55th place currently.

New info related to Parkland event: Teachers testimony "Full metal garb, face mask" deserves more attention. How did Cruz take Uber ride with full body armor? Did he carry it and then put it on? Was he wearing it? Did he store it somewhere? Police timeframe doesn't add up. Israel stated shooter arrived and was shooting within 2 minutes. Police were already there? Yet stayed outside as shooting took place?Why and how? Was the person wearing body armor not Cruz? Where did shooter store this body armor after event? Why were cameras on delay? Where is camera footage of shooter? Is Cruz a patsy for a false flag event? Media not asking these important questions, instead focusing on students scripted questions. Gun grab agenda, plus purging of You Tube channels questioning everything.


Scrutinizing of student actor aspects of Parkland event now being used by You Tube/Google /Deep State to purge channels that challenge 'official' narratives. Richie Allen.UK show removed. Bombard Body Language removed after analyzing David Hogg's on camera body language. Fake News Report removed.

Link to @theouterlight channel provides massive list of removed channels.



WhiteHelmetsEXP WhiteHelmetsExposed tweeted @ 20 Feb 2018 - 18:37 UTC

Images raise many questions: Why the smiling? Were they all together in a studio prior to the main event? Why the g… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Big thanks to @onceuponatime for getting the post back in full public view.

All the best and very important news sir.I like it your post.You are a great man sir.

Very detailed and mindblowing. Kudos to you and your efforts to keep us informed about mainstream media manipulation. We suffer the same thing here in Venezuela.

I take the time to share with you this:
https://steemit.com/politics/@metalmag25/how-did-socialism-turn-venezuela-into-an-immigrant-factory-part-iii-refugee-crisis-2017-today Here it comes, Last part of the series!
It's a series of short videos of migrants from Venezuela testifying how socialism made them leave the country. Most of the videos have been subbed by me. I ask you to resteem this one in order to tell the community about what's happening in Venezuela.

My question is if this really is a hoax.. how many mass shootings are hoaxes? Because there have been a ridiculous amount.. are we to believe a small percentage are all fake? Is all news fake? Even if that small percentage is staged.. there are real issues with gun control leading to shootings with assault rifles and apparently the police and security agencies in broward county have their head up their hoo-ha’s. Not everything is a conspiracy. I don’t trust the government or mainstream media as much as the next guy but to not believe people died... like can someone check the deceased part of the newspaper. I’d like to see some proof of them dying or not dying now that it’s in question. I didn’t realize his many people believe there aren’t real people in the hospital right now hurt, and people getting buried..

A lot of news is faked. My personal research into the White Helmets terrorist ruse has led to my compiling over 300 images proving they are al-Qaeda in disguise. The US mainstream media is fully aware of this, yet they continue to deceive the American public. Those terrorists are using children to carry out their false flag chemical attacks. The US government is, unfortunately, complicit in this, as are the Gulf State powers, the UK, France, Israel and Turkey......and even the current leadership of the United Nations. Thus, everything should be questioned. I simply recommend you be the hero you seek and conduct your own proper research. Do not rely on others to create your perceptions of reality.

I recommend studying up on who Edward Bernays was and how his ideas shape mainstream media mass perceptions of reality as a good start to learn how our thoughts are shaped on a mass scale. Many people think the CIA mainly allocates resources for overseas operations. The fact of the matter is that the largest percentage of CIA and black book (budget) funding actually goes to domestic operations for US control of mass media. In other words, those big MSM personalities like Scott Pelley, Norah O'Donnell, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Charlie Rose are more than people think they are. This is quite similar to how the former Soviet Union also managed to control perceptions of reality. Make the lie so big that no one will believe its not true.

Up voted and resteemed. Great job @clarityofsignal!


great project

Really sad news....i feel really bad😞

Real or staged, covered up or exploited....I really don't have an opinion as in the end it is just sad young people lost lives. I live about 30 min from that school and have a friend who lost their teenage child so. Thus what the media does or says means little to me.

Someone mentioned something quite similar to me about the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting event. That was before I watched Angel Colon walk out of the hospital smiling in less than a week after supposedly taking 6 rounds from a Sig Sauer MCX at close range.

No idea who that is. I don't watch the news so know very little about that whole Pulse thing. And since clearly I tickled a feather you should know I was in Tower 2 on 9/11. Again, I have no opinion of whether that was a conspiracy or not. Doesn't really matter as I had to endure the experience either way.

Who knows what to believe? Its the Internet and the age of the MSM's fake news/censorship and propaganda agenda. Here's Angel Colon stating on record he was shot 3 times. He has no visible wounds although he says he took a round to the hand. He walked out of that hospital a few days after this interview.

Video above was removed by Google (Deep State censors) less than 24 hours after I placed it in this post. It revealed the following.

Yup. Exactly why I do not watch the news.

Sig Sauer MCX: Weapon that Omar Mateen was reported as using at Pulse event.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 4.39.41 PM.png


Excerpt: Originally designed for U.S. Special Operations forces, the MCX was built from the “ground up” to be lightweight and short, and it accepts “a broad array of accessories, enabling you to build a complete weapon system for any scenario or environment,” Sig Sauer’s website says.

Both videos above showing that Pulse 'victim' Angel Colon had no apparent hand wounds or bandages as he stated he did, have now been censored by Google/Deep State censors after I posted them. I state Deep State in regards to Google because there is extensive evidence that now former Google CEO Eric Schmidt works in collusion with the US government.




More on Googles repressive policies -


Link to a third copy of the same video that has now been censored twice by You Tube (Deep State censors) since I posted it up here at Steemit. Angel Colon Hand Wound Missing - Pulse Nightclub Personality Shows No Apparent Sign of Physical Injury (Posted for Posterity)

How can you not have an opinion on whether it was real or staged if you believe that lives were lost?

Dear @scaredycatguide, please allow me to offer you my condolences. I live in San Bernardino, and in 2015, a similar massacre with similar inconsistencies destroyed lives here. Solidarity. It does suck when people immediately politicize the tragedy that occurred to you, not them!

I want to validate your comment and simply let you know that I read what you wrote, and I feel you. Now is a time for honoring and mourning lives lost. I offer you my respects.

Ultimately, the truth is ruthless. I hope every single one of us can grab hold of a kind hand and power through the revelation of total systemic corruption before it's too late.

People are passionate.

Blessings to all



so sad news....

WELCOME TO PARKLAND! (THE WHOLE HOGG) - EXTENSIVE CACHE OF VIDEOS FROM FEB, 14, 2018 EVENT - Mind-blowing video on the Parkland students rolled out by the media and used their own uploaded You Tube videos from the schools drama club and TV club.


Link to Vice news family damage control vid. Pretty interesting. You can tell where they are emphasizing certain aspects that are questionable within the larger narrative. Particularly around the student actor aspects. Davids mom drops a couple of F bombs and thus makes this video a bit of a backfiring liability also.


Censorship Agenda In Full Swing: You Tube version of "Welcome to Parkland (The Whole Hogg)" Censored Within 18 Hours Of Being Placed On You Tube - (Screen Captured Images Proving Such - Plus BitChute Link To Highly Revealing Video)


Link to DTube version of "Welcome to Parkland" still available -


For concerned citizens looking for more information proving quite clearly that the corrupt and complicit mainstream media works with the elitist controlled government conducting propaganda and false flags, I highly recommend checking out my previous work exposing the White Helmets in Syria as al-Qaeda terrorists. Many members of the White Helmets also operate alongside ISIS as proven by their own Facebook postings. I have compiled these into 5 extensive image compilation posts showing over 70 White Helmets Facebook pages with over 300 images of White Helmets/FSA terrorists.






Censorship continues to be carried out across Twitter for those who post material that doesn't fit the 'official' narrative on the Parkland school shooting. More revealing image there:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.03.11 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.03.42 PM.png