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RE: Extensive Post Reveals Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018 (N.S.F.W.)

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Steemit member @sneak has censored this entire post from the Steemit community. Every important image has been hidden by @sneak from possibly one of the most revealing posts ever shared at Steemit. I need help waking up the Steemit community to this blatant censorship about the Parkland school shooting event.


The post is still accessible, but you have to click on a "Show" button at the top of the article to display it. Similar story for all the images, with a "show" button at the bottom of the post (to the right of the "Images were hidden due to low ratings" warning). I don't think anything on SteemIt can be truly censored, just flagged

Thanks ever so much for your helpful reply @cattledog. I found the buttons and now can see the post and images myself. Just curious, does everyone who clicks on the post have to do the same thing to see it all or will they be unaware and likely not know? Any additional help is appreciated. Kind regards.

When the overall balance of vote power is negative for a post it becomes partially censored in this way, but remains visible in the blockchain and once users elect to view the details by clicking 'show'. Whey exactly Sneak chose to do this, I don't know - but making such a move without even bothering to explain your actions - especially as the HEAD DEVELOPER FOR STEEMIT INC. - seriously damages Steemit Inc's reputation in my mind. Many people here, myself included, value Steemit for it's transparency and offering of a valid alternative to heavily censored and controlled networks such as Fakebooc and Gurgle+. If we see the same patterns of control and censoring occurring here from within Steemit Inc. we will be pushed closer to taking steps to make alternative arrangements.

Thanks @ura-soul. The post has come open again now and the images are visible thanks to @onceuponatime giving it an up vote. So now the vote power has moved it back into full visibility. I was just chatting with @dwinblood in the other post and he states that it is possible @sneak gave it a hide because it didn't have N.S.F.W. attached to it. That may be the case, but I will not know because I wasn't informed by them, it was simply hidden, and when material of this type is suddenly hidden one can only be a bit worried as to why.

Maybe @sneak will chime in here and explain it. If he does, I'll be glad to adjust things accordingly and make it right so he doesn't feel the need to give it a hide. I wasn't aware he was the head developer and I do appreciate the Steemit platform. I am just very wary of censorship these days as I have been censored on so many other social media platforms, comment sections and discussion groups.

Having stated all that, I do think Steemit would be wise to address the hide post issue more fully and allow people to properly remedy a situation before a whale just sinks your boat. Thanks for your helpful response.

You are welcome. Given that I have scanned the post and don't see anything that I would class as NSFW, I find that explanation unlikely. If it were for that issue, as you point to, the issue should be highlighted clearly by sneak to prevent it occurring again.

REsteemed BECAUSE @sneak flagged.

I can’t stand an inept CTO.

The problem is you and I may not classify it as NSFW. Yet it does have some graphic wound images.

I saw them, thought some people might react to them and shrugged it off.

I've realized what I think doesn't matter. So if I ever find myself thinking someone might find this violent or sexual image NSFW then I'll put the flag there just to remove that as an excuse.

Since @sneak didn't say anything I don't know if this is the case.

Yet that is my litmus test for my own posts. "Hmmm.... might someone think this image is NSFW?" If I find myself even pondering that question I just use the NSFW tag.

If I think that will limit my visibility I'll do two posts. One with the NSFW content, and one without and I'll cross link to the NSFW one from the non-NSFW one.

Because, even if this isn't why it was flagged. It'd be very easy for them to say it is.

That is simply the only thing I could think of to see them reach out for.

You are right that the head programmer doing this without any explanation especially on a post that it is obvious a lot of work went into is not a good thing at all.

I agree that the NSFW-ness of a post is subjective - however, it needn't be something that results in confusion, flagging for NSFW is of no value without actually explaining that to be the cause.

In this case the images aren't even real wounds, they are known imitation injuries - how many jobs would be concerned with us looking at makeup? or even real wounds anyway!?

Yeah I wouldn't flag it. Yet when in doubt I use NSFW because of the flag happy few on the platform. Some of them have power.

Though it would be nice to know WHY it was actually flagged.