Mohammad Ali was convicted of refusing to participate in the Vietnam War

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US President Donald Trump said he was thinking of pardoning legendary boxer Muhammad Mohammed Ali, who was convicted of refusing to participate in the Vietnam War. He told reporters at the White House Friday before going to Canada to attend the annual summit of G-7's annual summit of industrialized nations.

Trump said that he is thinking of pardoning the three thousand people, among them the legendary boxer Ali is also there. Because many of these people have not been treated fairly. Trump said, 'I am thinking about Mohammad Ali. I think with him and others very seriously. Some people were punished, which is unfair. '

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Ali's lawyer Ron Tweets said this after Trump's statement, it does not need anymore. In a statement, he said he welcomed President Trump's initiative. But forgiveness is no longer needed. The United States Supreme Court unanimously rejected the sentence of Mohammad Ali in 1971. Where there is no bar, there is no such kind of forgiveness.

Mohammad Ali died of Parkinson's disease in 2016. Born in a Christian family, he later converted to Islam. He was asked to work in the United States Army in 1966 to participate in the Vietnam War. But by refusing to go to war by showing reasons for religious beliefs. In June of the following year he was accused of violating the law. He was fined 10 thousand dollars and was sentenced to five years imprisonment. But the Supreme Court later canceled the order.


আপনার আর্টিকেল টা ভালো হয়েছে ভাই। আপনার কাছ থেকে আরও ভালো ভালো আর্টিকেল আশা করি।

ধন্যবাদ @aafrin আপনাকে

ওয়েলকাম ভাই।

Trump trying to take his position to a higher level where he actually doesn't fit.

You have been tagged @steembloggers 30 day tag challenge, yes Trump should have done his research before speaking on it.

Yeah Trump is always in indecisions

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