Money can be sent from Facebook

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Facebook will launch two new features on a trial basis very soon. One of them is 'Red Envelope' and the other 'Breaking News'. Customers can send money from Facebook via Red Envelope feature. Through the Breaking News feature, publishers can easily access recent events to the doorstep of the customer., the social media director of the news website, Matt Navaera first saw the two new features of Facebook. However, Facebook has not yet launched the feature experimental.
According to the records, the Facebook Breaking News feature has been confirmed. However, no information was published about the feature. A Facebook spokesman said: "Facebook has always tested all new products, but it's not the right time to talk about it now."
However, the report says that the feature may never be launched. Earlier this year Facebook added Facebook's App Payment feature. This feature gives the opportunity to send money to a group of collectors or to a particular person. In addition to the instant article feature on Android and iOS devices, Facebook is also testing a feature called Pealal. Facebook is testing this feature through a contract with some publishers in the United States and Europe.
Source: Times of India


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