Crypto News Flash #60 : An Average Investor Is Still Wary Of Bitcoin Investment, Needs Solid Assurance !!

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Well, Bitcoin has made many Millionaires and even Billionaires last year with its enormous growth overtime before falling to a correction of almost 50%, which was kind of inevitable. If we talk about current times, Bitcoin still seems bullish and ready to climb the bullish ladder again. But will it prove to be a worthy investment in 2018 as well?

In year 2017, Bitcoin went from $900 to a whopping $20000. This is more than 22 times returns within an year. For early investors, it is like a dream come true but what about the investors who are planning to invest now in Bitcoin. 

Well, as per a survey, it has been concluded that no matter Bitcoin remained the 'hot' topic in 2017 and made many millionaires in an year's time but still Bitcoin is not backed by any authority and this an 'average' investor is still wary of investment in Bitcoin as he needs solid further assurance. 

As per this source, an American billionaire Tilman Fertitta, who made his fortune as a restauranteur, believes the average man won’t go near Bitcoin until they have some sort of insurance. He said :

"They don't have the money. It's just paper. That's all Bitcoin is, is paper, but it's not insured by the FDIC today. And until it's insured, a lot of people are never going to buy it.”

Instead if we talk about Institutional Investors or Big Players, then after the CME Bitcoin Futures Trading initiation, the Big players are already investing in Bitcoin market and earning substantial returns.

Even Goldman Sachs & NASDAQ are also coming aboard on Bitcoin Futures Trading and set to launch BTC futures soon enough in year 2018. 

But still for an Average investor to invest in crypto space, some solid assurance is needed like approval from FDIC. 

Let's hope for Bitcoin great journey in year 2018. 

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