CBNT is Skyrocket now! First 20 get 3 Steem for FREE!

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Everyone dream to be a whale but when will you can get to be a whale? Steemit time is long way to reach but with CBNT this is your time to be one of these whales!

The project’s China-focused dApp has surpassed 100,000 users and they recently decided to pursue a global application.


As you can see on the chart, CBNT has being grow over 1000% compared from the last month and this trend will be explodes in any time.

The Opportunity is still There

CBNT is just 3 months in and while its visits and usage are skyrocketing, the project is in too nascent a stage to have any whales.

The CBNT token is mined by creating content and engaging; any time you like content or leave a comment, you get the native token. The vast portion of the platform’s tokens have to be mined and since it’s been live for such a short period of time, no one has had enough time to take the lead in CBNT holding. This means that the battlefield is still relatively even and minnows across the globe have an opportunity to become a whale on a new content platform. This has been asserted before and this assertion still holds.

There’s a key difference between CBNT and STEEM. STEEM is a blockchain and has a wide number of applications built on it ranging from games and casinos to funding channels and content platforms. Steemit, a content platform, is just one of the many applications on STEEM. CBNT, on the other hand, is only an application and thus cannot be compared to STEEM, which is a blockchain.

Regardless, anyone who believes that blockchain-enabled content platforms have a bright future has a unique opportunity.

While the early days of STEEM are long-gone, CBNT has just started. This is the right opportunity to monetize content—even the content that you have already published on other platforms. This is the right time to monetize your curation skills, regardless of your wealth. This is the rare opportunity to monetize your desire to consume content as even liking content leads to CBNT mining.

But before you get started with mining CBNT , there’s a means to get a head start with 3,000 CBNT, which is valued at $90.
The project has already paid for listing on Bibox in May, and this has been confirmed by Bibox in a Telegram response. Bibox is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

For those who do not seek a long-term stance on the platform, once you have claimed your 3,000 CBNT ($90), it’d be good to sign up to Bibox to prepare in advance for the upcoming listing. It’s worth noting that since competition is very low on the CBNT platform, all users have a high chance of receiving payment for their content. So, you can quickly accumulate beyond 3,000 CBNT for free and grow your holding to become the first whale on CBNT.

To make thing more interesting the first 20 peoples used my referral and completed the kyc will received 3 STEEM from me. Just post a screenshoot like below on the comment section.



How do you get the 3 Steem?

  1. Sign up to CBNT
    This is an exclusive deal so in order to claim the 3 Steem, use the referral code kt95dv when you sign up. This code signifies that you are a STEEM user signing up to CBNT; thus, you receive the bonus.

  2. Verify your email after signing up.
    You’ll be redirected to the website; log-in now.

  3. After logging in, go to this page:

You’ll have to fill a KYC process to claim your free 3,000 CBNT ($90). This was put in the agreement to make sure people do not abuse this opportunity by making multiple accounts.

While your KYC is being verified, you need to make 10 actions: you can do this by liking other articles.
Also, if you post your own content and paste a profile link here, you’ll be able to claim more CBNT from votes. Remember, liking 10 posts is the last step.

That’s all!




the offer is close now.thanks

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