OOPS: Turns Out Russian Lawyer from Meeting Was at Inauguration

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Enough Russians were in attendance at Donald Trump's inauguration ceremonies, including Russian lawyer Natalia Veselitskaya, that the FBI took notice...but it's all fake!

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Everyone is assuming nefarious connections with Russia happened with Trump, when in all reality it's most likely borderless business deals that are going to help both America and the world. Why do we have to assume that any dealings with Russia always has to be a horrible thing, the world needs to change the way it thinks because I think dealing with Russia could be a very good thing for the United States especially when it comes to trade. All the hatred toward Trump associating him nefariously with negative connotations regarding Russia are all fake news and I'm glad you called it exactly what it is!

Yes,FBI took notice...but it's all fake!

Tidak semuanya yang menyukai Donald trump

Are you for real?

Super real

What, are we as Americans, not allowed to be friends with Russians because the media says so. Yea, Ok, try again.

I really feel like that is the sentiment they are trying to push... I have friends all over this world thanks to the internet... We need to see this World Without Borders because that's the world we live in today, this entire idea that we can't be friends with Russians or were doing something duplicitous or nefarious is ridiculous

preach, brother, preach

everyone loves peace,

Very very good