No, Megyn Kelly Wasn't Fired Over "Blackface" Political Correctness

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No, Megyn Kelly Wasn't Fired Over "Blackface" Political Correctness

--Megyn Kelly has been fired from her NBC daytime show, but it is incorrect to think that she was actually fired merely for her "politically incorrect" comment about blackface

What do you think?


I appreciate your team putting your content on Steem but you should really reply to comments.

I reply to the comments where I can think of something to say -- many don't really warrant replies unfortunately

Hey David, thanks for sticking with it even as the payouts have declined somewhat over the last year.

Yes, somewhat is sort of an understatement! But here I am!

BTW, you can probably save yourself some work by using Share2Steem. It will automatically post your YouTube videos (and Instagram and Twitter if you want) to Steem so you don't have to manually post them here.

thanks, I will check that out!

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