Saudis Threaten Economic War Over Journalist Murder

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Saudis Threaten Economic War Over Journalist Murder

--After journalist and critic of Saudi Arabia Jamal Khashoggi is apparently murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, threats of sanctions against Saudi Arabia by the US and other western countries trigger followup threats from the Kingdom, and unfortunately, due to our dependence on oil and oil markets, they have us over a barrel

Do you think the US will actually punish Saudi for this?


No, I don't. Media companies are taking the lead instead saying they will not support vision 2030 or participate in any future 'Davos in the Desert' initiatives. CNN, NYT, FT, Bloomberg, along with the CEOs from Branson's Virgin Group and Altman's Sidealk Labs, have told the Saudi's that they're pulling out. Oil is the reason the U.S. will not do anything. I'm happy someone is doing something, but it is only a drop in the bucket. Without U.S. support for massive sanctions then it really makes no difference at all what Branson does or does not due. KSA will just go to a Chinese company and buy the service.

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