Trump Deploying Military to Border to Stop Migrant Caravan

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Trump Deploying Military to Border to Stop Migrant Caravan

--Donald Trump is deploying more than 5,000 active duty military troops to the US-Mexico border to stop the immigrant caravan that is still months away and dwindling in size every day

Do you think the migrant caravan is worthy of this response?


Yes, I believe we should defend the border at all costs. Even if there is no "invasion" yet. There is potential for this caravan to grow as it moves up through Mexico. These people should try to come into the country in a legal manner. They are still flying the flags of the countries they claim are so horrible and are fleeing from. What does that tell you? There is much more to this entire thing. All I know is, If they want to come to the USA it should be done in the right way. Our country would be in chaos if we just opened up our borders and let the entire world in. There is a reason we are where we are today. We may have our problems but its important to protect what we have worked so hard to achieve. With the rise of technology the power is shifting back into the peoples hands and out of the banks/federal government. We have a chance to change everything and make America better than it ever has been. I am with you on trying to help people when we can. But we have to take care of ourselves first so we can be in a position to help others far into the future. The world is changing at a rapid rate. There is still much work to be done in our own country. You are being naive in the fact that you believe there is no potential for terrorists to be mixed in with the group. People from all over use that route to get into the USA. There is definitely potential for terrorists and other bad actors to be mixed in with the group. You are right about it being months out though... They are roughly 1000 miles from the Texas border based on reports i've read. From my calculations it should arrive sometime in December as we approach Christmas. I guess we will see if this caravan fades to dust like you say it already is. Let me ask you this. How would you feel if you owned land near or on the border @davidpakman? I can tell you there are many Ranchers who live on or near the border. Those folks have been dealing with issues already on that border land for years.

There is potential for the caravan to grow, but in reality it is quickly shrinking with no evidence of it growing.

What evidence do you have that it is actually shrinking in size? I do not believe that is the case.

Every report from embedded reporters is that it has dwindled in size, and a Pentagon assessment agrees. I would ask the opposite -- what evidence contradicts the agreement between media and Pentagon reports that it is shrinking in size?

These people should try to come into the country in a legal manner.

That's what they are doing, they are coming to apply for refugee status through a port of entry. Legally.

Someone should inform them, that they can apply for refugee status at the US embassy or consulate within their country of origin. would save a lot of hassle on both ends

I believe we should defend the border at all costs

Does that include shooting at unarmed women in children? Don't get me wrong I think that the US has the right to allow or deny entrance to it's territory according to it's laws but those type of phrases really scare me. There are some people here in Mexico who were calling for the military to shoot them down which is mind-boggling to me to say the least.

Really respecting the troops to send the military to shoot refugees at the border seeking asylum.

Quite a policy, eh?

Refugees from what? This is a legitimate question because from I have heard they all seem to be economic refugees and I don't believe that any country has a responsibility to give other people jobs. As far as I know, there is no war being fought in South America besides the Drug war.

You kinda answered your own question by the end there.

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