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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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I live in a small but prominent city in Australia and fear of the virus is high.

Much of Australia is on fire and there have been extreme weather conditions (flooding rain, dust storms, heat waves, hail, thick fog banks).

A few days ago a man collapsed in the city center. This was on a day with record high temperatures. No one would give him CPR because everyone assumed he had the virus. The only article I saw about the situation didn't say whether the man survived until the EMTs arrived.

There also a lot of fear and resentment about the annual wave of Chinese students who are scheduled to come in for a new school term at Australian universities. There's been a public travel ban to keep the students out.


No one would give him CPR because everyone assumed he had the virus.

This is as shocking as it is unsurprising. The hysteria has gone overboard and its costing lives. Many more than we know. Dogs and pets are being beaten to death in the face or tossed out of windows based on the false claim that they are passing the virus around, police are chasing and beating innocent civilians up on the mere suspicion that they have connections to Wuhan. And outside of China like you say, people are quick to jump to irrational fears... It's pretty horrible to see unfold and truly highlights the weakness of the human spirit.

Hope things unfold a bit better down under!

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