51,701 Sealed Indictments prove a shadow war is happening

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For years and years a cabal take down has been dreamed about and talked about. Ever since the election of President Trump these talks have intensified and many insiders have been confirming what I and many others have researched and hoped for.

Is this long awaited cabal take down legitimate or just another albeit a very highly created psyop.

Instead of speculating lets just look at the facts shall we! David Wilcock, the Q anon group and many others shared lots of info and here is a summary.

Firstly, lets look at what a sealed indictment is =

"Sealed indictments are often used to prosecute organized crime rings. They represent very serious criminal charges. High security is needed due to the fearsome power of these corrupt organizations to prevent themselves from being arrested.The members of the criminal cartel are unaware that a complex operation is being conducted against them until they all get arrested at once — in a surprise sting attack."

Each and every sealed indictment requires a secret grand jury, that has been convened for this specific purpose.

"The secret grand jury hears evidence and, if convinced by the information, it files a sealed order for the pending arrest of the accused.No one can see who is named in the order until it becomes unsealed. This work can all be done on paper, so electronic surveillance won’t work either."

"A secret grand jury is needed to create a sealed indictment. A secret grand jury is composed of twelve to twenty-three civilian jurors, who are sworn to absolute secrecy. The grand jury hears from a prosecutor who must either be a county district attorney (DA), a state attorney general (AG) or a federal US attorney.Sealed indictments can thus be generated from the county, state or federal level.These indictments are therefore the work of the highest-level prosecutors in the US justice system, and are very serious."

The accused individual does not need to be present during the grand jury process

"The evidence against the suspect is heard without their presence in the proceedings, which is called ex parte. If the jury finds them to be guilty, the sealed indictment is then filed on the official court record. No one in the public can find out the name of the accused, or the charges.The indictment is not unsealed until the authorities are in the proper position to arrest the person — and whomever else they are working with."

These indictments can be verified through the official website PACER.gov: Public Access to Court Electronic Records

The average amount of sealed indictments in a normal year is 1,077 as stated in a 2009 report

So let me summarize==
We have over 50 times the normal amount of sealed indictments
Each sealed indictment requires lots of work, resources and planning
These indictments are verifiable and a fact
These indictments can not simply disappear, something has to happen

Things are getting very interesting to say the least, time will tell what this all means, for now all we can do is wait.

David Wilcocks latest update with this info in more detail


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Ty. Link back is here from my blog (also on Medium) about the deeper proof of the corruption. You really should click my bitcointalk.org link to read about the history of the $7 billion IMF bribe / entrapment of Yeltsin (which is why he was forced to turn to Putin) and all that (Mueller was involved in the 9/11 cover-up of course)!

Note I am not endorsing the information on this blog of yours. I had no time to fact check it. I am merely linking for readers to be aware of.

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Q anon group and many others shared lots of info and here is a summary.

I stopped reading there. Q is a 4chan LARP