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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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Great write up from a first person narrative. I do believe the Chinesse government is mostly an authoritarian regime, but you also have to take into consideration, how quickly would have this virus spread if they had not enacted any of the tactics you describe in your post? That is probably not something that can ever be accurately calculated...


how quickly would have this virus spread

Well, the spread occurred as a direct result of their actions in the first place. So sure they might be quite effective at cleaning up a mess, but its a mess they started. They actively silenced and arrested the doctors who were first to blow the whistle on this dangerous new virus, allowing it to go out of control and forcing them to acknowledge its existence... when it was far too late.

Any normal country wouldn't arrest doctors for 'spreading rumors‘ like that, they would have investigated and isolated early on.

The results after the fact may look impressive, but at what cost? Every friend around me is directly affected by the clampdown and not in any nice way. In short, many of them are totally f**ked, many of which whose businesses are already dead in the water, bankrupt. Apply this to literally millions upon millions around the country and you start to wonder which is worse, a bit of flu, or complete destruction of endless lives?

I guess that answer depends on where you're standing.