Volunteers Set Up Community Patrol in Oakland Chinatown After Rise In Attacks

in #news2 months ago

A group of volunteers in Oakland, California have now organized and they've been patrolling the community in Chinatown because of the recent increase in attacks on the elderly.
In California, NY, and other regions, various videos and other stories have gone viral which showcase a variety of attacks on the elderly Asian community.

For many people who are worried about the most vulnerable people in their community going about their daily business, they've now stepped up to try and help.

If it can make anyone who is vulnerable in that community feel a little bit safer with them patrolling the area then that is exactly why they are out there.

Some store owners in that area have already expressed their gratitude in thanking the volunteers for helping to make the community feel a little bit safer.
The police have also reportedly insisted that they are working to make Chinatown into a safer community by 'transitioning into new strategies'.

It might be discouraging to hear these stories of a rise in attacks, to hear about unhinged individuals that attack the most vulnerable in our communities, but there are many more good people out there who are outraged by such actions and who want to combat that hatred with solutions.

This is what it looks like to see communities taking action against a problem. There are some individuals out there who are truly feeling unsafe to do business as usual, and these volunteers are spending their own time to bring a solution to that problem.

If the police won't do more to try and offer that sense of security, and the people don't feel they're doing enough, then it is good to see that random citizens in the area will step up to do it themselves.


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