War On Truth: FedBook Mass Purges Libertarian and Anarchist Pages [VIDEO]

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If you’ve been following my personal life you may have noticed that I've been doing deep work on myself… in preparation for what has begun today.

I remarried and recommited wholly to my wife and family and spent the last few days in final, spiritual preparation for what is to come. And, I spent a few hours yesterday with my wife in “custody” of the criminal, “Five Eyes”, New Zealand government who spent hours interrogating, searching and documenting all my material items.


Remember when I said that those who responded gleefully to Alex Jones being memory holed from the internet would eat their words?

Today is the beginning of why I said that.

Here is a short list of peaceful and truth-loving people who were purged from FBIBook today:

The Free Thought Project - 3.1 m
The Anti Media - 2.1m
Police the Police - 1.9m
Cop Block - 1.7m
Filming Cops - 1.4m
Choice & Truth - 2.9m
Punk Rock Libertarians - 125k
End The Drug War - 460k
Mass Report - 500k
Skeptic Society
No Victim, No Crime
Modern Slavery Hilarious Vines
I Only Owe You Non Aggression - 13k
Bay Area Police The Police - 7k
V is For Voluntary - 160k
Conspiracy Facts - 120k
The Free Thought Project.com (back up page) - 23k
You Won't See This On TV
Fucked Up Shit You Should Know About
Unlimited Liberty
Citizens For A Bleaker America
Rachel Blevins - 69k
Police the Police NY
Gun Laws Don't Work
The Liberty Principle: No Consent From The Governed
Policing The Police
Legalize Cannabis
Get Involved, You Live Here: 360k
Fuck The Government - 154k
New School Raphael 1
Voluntaryist Veterans
Anonymous News
Matt Agorist - 5.4k
DIY Revival
We The Individuals
Press For Truth - 350k
Anti GMO Foods and Fluoridated Water
North Texas Cop Block
Black Markets Are Beautiful - 3k
Political Junkie News Media
Free Your Mind Conference
Psychologic - Anarchist

The collapse of the financial markets began as planned on October 10th. 10/10… as was prediction programmed on the 1988 cover of the Rothschild owned, Economist Magazine.


Watch closely on 11/11. November 11th. The likely date of their next major moves.

What’s next? As I suggested, they may try to take down the entire internet to stop the awakening. If this is our last communication, peace be with you.

The war has just begun. It is now time for YOU to realize your full power and step up. Speak out to any and all with ears to listen to what is happening.

Most won’t listen, but that’s okay. We can stop what is coming if enough of us stand up, embody our true power and speak up. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Peace and love.



The Facebook bias is really on display this time - not only were there a whole list of anarchist pages taken down, but also conservative pages.

So pretty much anything that doesn't side with the globalist left...

Speaking of censorship: Is it possible to speak on the situation seemingly connected to @benfarmer and the @adamkokesh 2020 presidential campaign at some point?

It’s been over 10 days now, and total silence.

Worrisome times DV... keep on Steeming and sending out the mssg 🤘😎

My question is... Why were these people still using Facebook?

They should have all moved to steemit months/years ago.

I keep wondering that too. Don't understand it.

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Understand this before moving on... So if a War is on - it's time you all understood the tool I'm developing to nullify their effects against us. It's called RemedyCoin. It channels forgiveness in a way that shows what they did wrong from our perspective and allows us to commemorate the goodness of the heart of the person being damaged. I can fight for anyone affected by these horrible censorship actions. And we can join in mutual aid buying tokens that commemorate the action. PLEASE understand me. I have the tool that rolls back tyrany!!!!

Worrisome times DV... keep on Steeming and sending out the mssg

This is a fight TPTSNB cannot win.

To participate, follow these simple instructions.

  • Go to https://berminal.com/airdrop/bb613a12 and enter your phone number.

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Its not even the actual cover. Do you know how much that would be worth today if this 30 yr prediction actually was real? Yet...not even the economist has said anything about it. They publish daily...if the cover legitimately dated it to 10/10/2018 they'd jump all over it to increase sales.

God bless, to you and your family. Thank you for all your work. We are all together on this.

Check out this post below @dollarvigilante/Jeff!
We really really need to get the message out there!
Steemit needs to be the be there in the minds of people when #oldsocialmedia takes its last step towards self-destruction...

People are going to need a refuge. We need to promote steemit/steem on all levels, (originals for printable stickers in my post). Thanks for sharing!



@dollarvigilante Are you going to New Zealand with your family to bunker down like many others?

I would too if I could afford it :/

sigh, Facebook shoots foot again.

The collapse of the financial markets began as planned on October 10th. 10/10…

My God - Bro, This is like the 50th time I have read where you have "Called the Collapse" and how you were soooo right each time?

10/10 for being an idiot


This has been coming it will work out ok in the end. There is enough freethinking people to take this in their stride help those who are oblivious. When that hundredth monkey wakes we'll be fine and an event like this could be a blessing in disguise 💯🐒