yes sir that simple, socialism ultimately fails; reward great? the effort to succeed is great? but when goveer-mint takes all the reward away, no one really tries, or succeeds. Don't work - never has worked, dog don't hunt...but nitwits tell me otherwise SJWs....oh my!

Been unable to do anything for hrs (bandwidth limited... tango uniform )

I always thought 'illegal immigrant and ' future democrat' were synonymous terms..

Exactly right, old son (Happy New Year!)

happy nude year to you too

Good stats!!!!!!

I followed you and resteemd this post.

And upvoted, of course!

Thanks for adding this video - great addition.

Socialists aren't even their own friends!

Ken McVay OBC
@dragon40, Certified Curmudgeon

"government-controlled schooling is essential to achieving the goals of Socialism." - Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto

Can you use the #informationwar tag?
I hate missing your posts!

If I remember :-)

Curated for #informationwar by @stevescoins
Relevance: subversion via population control

Frankfurt School: divide society into different minorities to use them to maintain power and control. Cultural Marxism!

Excellent choice of pics. Brings back memories of a video clip showing some clearly morally-superior politicians handing out care-packages for newly arrived - and most-likely illegal - immigrants. Included in this package of pure love was a form...which extolled the virtues of compassionately detailing where to find their local polling station (ID optional) and place a check mark next to the name of their new friends for life - The Democrats

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