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RE: David Icke on COVID19 and 5G - HEAVILY CENSORED by YOUTUBE - 6th April 2020 (FULL)

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I see this guy's name all over the place these days and I started to listen to a bit of what he has to say for about 30 minutes last night. I can't really get on board with all of what he has to say but I do identify with some of it.

I do like the snarky and sarcastic way that he answers questions though, even if some of his responses are a bit "out there" for many people.


I have my issues with him and having also researched the topics he researches, I know that sometimes he jumps to conclusions and allows his anger to direct his logic in a non helpful way. However, there are many things he has pointed to which he gets ridiculed for, which I know to be true.