We're in for 4 years of puff pieces of the Biden administration

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If you look at basically any mainstream media outlet's (and I hope you don't) coverage of anything the Biden administration is doing it is all slanted puff pieces. Gone are the days of really digging in and critiquing the absolute hell out of everything that the President and his administration does. It's funny how the "fact-checkers" are all but completely silent as the press secretary dodges questions, lies, and tells half-truths but when that pretty blonde lady and Huckabee-Sanders were in the same role they would get every single word they said scrutinized for hours after being basically assaulted by a very hostile press corps.

There are plenty of things that Biden has already done that if Trump had done any of these things, there would have been hours' long round-table discussions, various health "experts" brought it, fact checkers all of it like flies on shit, and basically round the clock discussion about how this person is destroying the future of America.

I'm not saying that Biden is destroying the future of America, I feel that his actions are going to be as meaningless and non impacting for a vast majority of people the same way that the actions of every other President in my lifetime has done the same. He will also have all of his executive orders reversed by the next administration, which is basically what is the norm these days.

Take this story coming out of CNN of all places (big surprise, I know) about how they talk about the parts of the President's day that truly matter.


I wish I could say that I was making this up, but "journalist" Kevin Liptak goes on for paragraph after paragraph fawning over really stupid and irrelevant details of the President's day-to-day life.

“President Biden has expressed a preference for a fire built in the Oval Office fireplace, and sometimes adds a log himself to keep it going

He adds a log himself? Well someone get this guy a medal of some sort because if that isn't noteworthy and deserving of praise I don't know what is. Does he also put his own clothes on, brush his teeth all by himself, and wipe his own bottom after using the potty?


Newsweek (which used to be a good source of unbiased news0 could barely contain their glee when they found out that Joe "loves to play Mario Kart" and just can't seem to get enough of it! I'm not gonna bag on Mario Kart, because it is pretty awesome but honestly, who gives a shit about this and what does it have to do with being President. I seem to recall the same media remarking about completely irrelevant aspects of Trumps life such as how he loves fast food and diet coke and all rather than praising him for it they found a way to suggest that because a man loves KFC that somehow the world is going to end. But Biden playing Mario Kart, that's like, ummmm, the greatest thing ever man!

I suppose they were trying to make Joe look hip and up to the times. I don't know but this isn't exactly riveting stuff.


Multiple media outlets talk about how Joe "likes to go to bed early, unlike his predecessors" and then goes on to explain the benefits of going to bed early. Look, if Trump went to bed early the media would have claimed that he was slacking on his duties and no matter what your political affiliation is, you KNOW that this would be the case. He's an old man who falls asleep at public gatherings, of course he goes to bed early. Virtually all near 80 year old people do and there is nothing wrong with that but it also isn't even close to newsworthy.

There are a lot of real scoops out there that no one is talking about such as Biden performing more executive actions (orders) in his first week as President than any President in history. Trump signed 8 and the press called him a Nazi that was going to end the world or something like that.

There is also the constant gaffes, many of which are outright racist such as when he said that "minorities don't know how to get on the internet" and downplayed the treatments of the Uighurs in China as a "cultural difference." Whenever the MSM even talks about this, which isn't often, it is done so in a "fact checking" method that is going after a conservative article written about the subject rather than the subject itself. They are running defense for the President and honestly, this shouldn't surprise anyone.

We dealt with 4 years of lies and fake news with Trump, so yeah... it's not a surprise that it is going to happen again for the next 4. It's just going to be in a different way.

Virtually all media these days isn't just dumb, it is also completely irrelevant to anything or anyone.


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