Why Google blocked ads on cryptocurrency (ico) and facebooksteemCreated with Sketch.

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Google said in a Web site it would begin blocking digital currency advertisements From next June
Due to the company's policy that prohibits the advertisement of unregulated financial products
Said Scott Spencer, president of Google
That the company has banned three billion and two hundred million advertising through 2017
And that the number doubled compared to 2016
Facebook has also blocked advertising since January
All digital currencies are affected by this announcement
Big companies have begun to fight digital currencies like governments
But there is such a saying
You can prevent some time for some people but you can not prevent something all the time for all people
Digital currencies are a development such as Google and Facebook and smart phones and such stupid decisions will make currencies unorganized and uncontrollable can you organize or ride it or the time to stone time and the man of the cave and this is my point of view no more.

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