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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

My uncle is currently in NanJing, and he teaches in WuHan. He got out of the city before the quarantine. Last, he told me that he and his colleagues were required to teach via video or audio to people still locked down in the area.

He was reluctant to talk in detail about the situation over where he’s at on WeChat. I don’t blame him. This certainly offers the perspective I needed.


Good for your Uncle =) as a music teacher myself, the online teaching idea going around works pretty well in my favour, since my primary subjects are History & Composition. It kind of complements computer usage so I'm lucky in this regard.

However, for others, for example my friend running a business in education requires his staff to do online teaching to kids as young as 2, 3 years old and it's just... not working. But with no choice, its the destruction of the business. Pretty sad.

WeChat is always a concern yeah... that's why I have a nice blend of WeChat, Whatsapp, Discord and Telegram =)

The only times we can be candid about things is when we meet up in Taiwan.