Greg Hunter: Weekly News Wrap-Up for Week Ending 11 September 2020

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Greg Hunter provides a wrap-up of the news during the past week with his own unique commentary and perspective.


  • (00:17) U.S. elections in November;
  • (01:58) Preparation for mass violence after November election;
  • (03:48) Dr. Fauci warns of need to hunker down this fall and winter;
  • (17:06) South Dakota COVID 'super-spreader' study and New York 25% indoor restaurant capacity order;
  • (20:58) UAE will also be target of 'Iran's response to any Israeli aggression';
  • (22:41) 884,000 people filed new jobless claims in U.S. last week;
  • (25:20) U.S. Senate defeats 'skinny' coronavirus aid legislation;
  • (29:30) New York City commercial real estate sales plummet 54%;
  • and more..

35 minute video by Greg Hunter published 10 September 2020


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I have been terrified to the core...such a plunge down in real estate. This years I am about to be graduated in Architecture 's bachelors. and the year of stepping into market is the worse hitted. I hope everyone must recover their loses soon and soon we should be back to normal.

thank you for the interview with GREG HUNTER, have a nice day

Yes interesting time in us elaction weat ans watching upcomingresults

Hola @etcmike, una semana más que aumenta la locura…

Vaya amigo @etcmike, el tiempo vuela ya estamos a mediados de septiembre, gracias por este resumen que pases un buen fin de semana.

thank you so much for sharing a great video with GREG HUNTER, have a great weekend

Hola @etcmike, pareciera que el mercado se auto fortalece, ya que ha soportado demasiado y como que seguirá haciéndolo.

I've been listening to Greg Hunter for years...
September 11, 2020... 1.6 Hollywood Time...