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Today, Reuters and several other news outlets are reporting of gang hunting of cows in Venezula. THE PEOPLE ARE STARVING. So they group up and descend on someone's unsuspecting cattle and kill them right in the field, distributing the meat then and there.


From my point of view, there isn't much I can do from the US for the Venezulan people. Reports from inside the country are that any shipments of food or money are confiscated at the postal departments and kept by the government. I don't know how widespread this is, or even who all the players are. But I know that soccer moms are scavenging dumpsters for food and men are now hunting livestock. So what do we do?

WE LEARN. First of all, don't think it can't happen to you. All it takes is one tree to fall on your house for a shtf situation (or wildfire, or mudslide, or storm etc). There are many, many people like myself that have been trying to show people how to grow food, raise livestock, save seed, preserve harvests and meat, utilize wild growing medicines and forages, and stock up. I really can't think of anything more motivating to do this than pictures of starving people ripping animals apart in a pasture!

If you are someone that owns animals, I suggest you come up with a plan on what to do if your local community has an event and food becomes scarce. How will you protect your animals? Will you have more than one cache of food hidden? How will you deal with looters (if your plan is to just shoot everyone, that's really not a very good plan in my opinion.)

Also, I'm going to put this out there again. Get yourself some rabbits and get a breeding program going! They are easy to feed, breed, raise, slaughter, and cook. Their droppings can go straight into the garden without composting (although I do mix mine with sand and someother things and tumble sift, but you don't have to). And the biggest benefit: THEY DON'T MAKE ANY NOISE! So you can even have some in a neighborhood and no one would ever know.

The worst thing you could do after seeing what's going on in Venezula is nothing. Please take the time to put together a safety plan for you and your loved ones. And if anyone from Venezula is reading this, please know we are thinking of you and wish we could help, but don't know how. Here's your chance to share and teach!


Ps-Sorry I dont have more pictures today. It is storming hard here in Florida and the signal is not strong enough out here to upload more.


Socialism, still working out a few details.

Excellent points!
It is ALWAYS good to have a plan in place!
And great point about rabbits not making noise and being easy to hide, I hadnt thought about that...

If someone starts out with one male and three females, they will have around 10-20 to slaughter in 3 months. Save acouple females and you will have 5 breeders in less than 6 months etc. It just makes sense (and cents)!

Very true!
And in times when food is scarce, they can be a valuable bartering tool.
If you want it known that you have food to barter... :/

Well written, Need to do something special now, Thanks for sharing @farmandadventure

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