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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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Reading a firsthand, uncensored information about the situation of things over there is quite refreshing. I have always known that this will have a political undertone. Please continue to update us and FYI, I will be sharing this on twitter.

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Thanks for sharing!

And yes people seem quite eager to remove the political aspect of this but they are deeply intertwined and there's no way I can fully cover it, but I'll give my best for the small amount I know

I salute all doctors, Medical people and other social workers for their support for suffering people.

I am the only once concerned about how would they dispose those millions of mouth masks circulating around the globe now.

We have a whole bunch more to worry about on top of that too... toilet flushing, fingerprint scanning at airports, dirty phones... cruise ships, you name it

I like the Steemit platform because we can see uncensored insight like this! Yes, please continue!

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