Australia is preparing for war against China!

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday chose the country's defense academy as the venue to highlight one of Australia's most ambitious and 'offensive' defense strategies to date.


Under the new defense strategy, Australia will significantly increase its troop numbers, purchase long-range missiles capable of hitting enemy warships, increase cyber warfare capabilities, and henceforth its defense policy will be monitored in the Indo-Pacific region.

Introducing the new defense strategy, Morrison said Australia wants the Indo-Pacific, the Asia-Pacific region, to be "free where no one country can dominate and coerce."


There is no doubt that he is referring to China.

China may be unhappy - Australian politicians have been wary of it in recent years. But on Wednesday Mr. Morrison was much clearer.

He made it clear that he was determined to prepare Australia against China.

Prime Minister Morrison said the rivalry between China and the United States over dominance in Asia and the Pacific has escalated tensions, and "created a serious risk of making the wrong decision at any time."

He spoke of the ongoing Sino-Indian border dispute, and of China's continued efforts to exert exclusive influence in the South China Sea.

He also clarified that Australia will be with the United States in this Sino-US competition. Morrison. Because his plans to buy sophisticated weapons in the coming years at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars will come mainly from the United States.

What to buy in Australia

Australia will buy state-of-the-art AGM 156C long-range missiles from the United States for its navy, capable of hitting targets at a range of 360 kilometers.


Australia currently has a range of 124 kilometers. In addition, they will undertake a project to build their own long-range hypersonic missile that can cover a distance of several thousand kilometers. There are also plans to increase the number of unmanned aerial vehicles.

As well as plans to greatly increase the ability to deal with cyber warfare.

Australia's cybersecurity department on Tuesday announced plans to hire 500 new experts. কাজে 135 million will come from the defense budget.

Recently the Australian Department of Defense and many businesses have complained of Chinese hacking.

Why is Australia so belligerent?

Professor Ashley Townsend, director of the Center for American Studies at the University of Sydney and a defense analyst, wrote in the British daily Guardian that Australia's main goal was to strike at the Chinese military, Chinese interests, and infrastructure in the event of a crisis.

But Australia's new defense strategy has virtually acknowledged the technological and military superiority of Australia and its ally the United States in the Asia-Pacific. China has emerged as a major competitor there.

Even in the middle of this decade, various statistics suggest that the combined investment of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in various technological studies will surpass that of China alone.

So Australia is concerned about this reality.

Tuncend, a professor at the University of Sydney, says the United States' ability to stabilize the region is diminishing, while China is pursuing a more aggressive strategy to fill the void, creating a dangerous military conflict in the region.

According to him, this new defense hairstyle of Australia is a manifestation of it.

Australia-US-India-Japan alliance

Not only has the military budget increased, but Australia has stepped up to become more closely involved in the US-Japan-India-Australia quad deal that has been developing over the past decade.

The joint naval exercise between Japan, India, and the United States, which has been conducted every year since 2015, has so far not been to India's objection.

The main reason is that India has been reluctant about Australia in the exercise, saying China would be unhappy.

But the Sino-Indian border dispute has changed that.


Several Indian newspapers have reported that India is now raising its objections to Australia and that Australia may be included in the exercise scheduled for next August.

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